India Valorant Pro Xhade Caught Cheating in Ranked

by in Valorant | Jan, 29th 2021

Cheating in Valorant seems pretty risky if you ask us. A pro player in India named Abhay “Xhade” Urkude was accused of cheating in Valorant and initially denied these claims. Who would want to admit that they were making their way up the ladder in a scumbag way, after all? Xhade was disqualified from The Esports Club Invitational after being banned by Riot Games in the middle of the tournament. At the time, there was no word why the player had been banned. Ouch. Unlike the Call of Duty League, this player did not get to continue playing. 

Now, Xhade has admitted that he was cheating in Valorant, but he was only using wallhacks! He wasn’t aimbotting, which is so much better. Why was he cheating? He was “facing cheaters on numerous occasions.”

Fall From Grace

What a shame. Valorant’s still a very new esport. So when we see a pro player like Xhade from India cheating in Ranked, it’s a blow to the gut. Initially, he did deny the accusations, and the Valorant community of India rallied around him. Players like Binks69 (Mithul Nayak) confronted Xhade on Discord. It was here Xhade revealed he cheated in three matches. During a live stream with Binks69, Xhade admitted to the crime.

His defense was a paltry one, to be honest. He said that he was frustrated by the ranked grind and wanted to hit Radiant. Reportedly, he was sick of dealing with cheaters, so his response was to cheat himself. It has been said he did not cheat in The Esports Invitational, but only in ranked. That doesn’t make what Xhade did better. Whether you’re in India or America, cheating in Valorant (or any online game) is disgusting. 

We aren’t suggesting anyone shame or harass Xhade for what he did, but we do have to bring it to light. He has since the incident deleted his Youtube channel and also has not been reachable via social media. Valorant players in India want him to stay away from esports in general, and we can’t say we blame them. After all, his actions make his entire team (Paratroops). It’s a shame that the arrival of Valorant in India is immediately marred by such controversy.

There’s no telling if Xhade can come back from this. India’s esports scene for Valorant will undoubtedly be intense, and there’s not a lot of room for people cheating. It hurts the industry as a whole when pro players cheat, so seeing such actions early can mar a scene’s reputation. Now, we admit, it sucks to play against people who are cheating. It’s not always a cheater. Sometimes, some players leagues better than us, and that’s okay. We have no proof Xhade played against cheaters, but it seems sincere enough. Can he come back from this in the future? Absolutely. With Valorant’s esports scene in India still very new, we hope this doesn’t turn Riot Games sour on the region just as a whole. We don’t think that will happen, but it’s still devastating to see. 

We understand that this is a terrible thing to happen, but we implore you not to send hate to him, his family, or his team. It’s understandable to be angry, especially at someone who has a high profile in the region. It’s better to let him find his way, make good somehow, and not spread hate or anger. Let’s look towards something positive instead. 


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