Immortals in Trouble as Two OpTic Rosters Remain Unsold

by in CS:GO | Oct, 15th 2019

Yesterday, we reported Immortals was struggling to land a sale of its OpTic Gaming CS:GO roster after the team effectively disbanded itself following a lack of ability to adapt the squad.

Now, however, it appears the sale of another team they acquired with the buyout has fallen through. A report from Sports Business Daily claims that the sale of the Houston Outlaws’ slot to real estate billionaire Lee Zieben appears to have fallen through at the last minute.

The sale, initially estimated to be at $40 million, was initially reported by ESPN to go through at the end of August. The recent lack of updates on the team and Immortals’ apparent continued management of the org has led many to conclude that the parties could not come to terms over the Outlaws.

Jacob Wolf further expressed on Twitter surprise over the rumored purchase price Zieben was rumored to be offering for the squad, noting the offer seemed highly unrealistic.

Given the Overwatch League has suffered a sharp decline in viewership through the end of its second year, and the lacking interest or competition to buyout orgs, it seems unrealistic that a spot in the OWL has grown by 33% in value.

Conflict of Interest Builds Between Immortals and OpTic Roster

The inability of Immortals to sell the remaining non-CoD OpTic rosters is leaving the org in an unsustainable position within both scenes.

Already owning MIBR in CS:GO and the Los Angeles Valiant in the OWL, the team needs to sell the OpTic rosters in order to prevent the governing bodies for both games for coming down on them for having a significant conflict of interest owning two separate teams in the same scene, a conflict that could be very costly for the org.

While the CSGO squad could be shuttered at this point, the Overwatch team has to stay open. A failure to sell could see Blizzard take over control and sale of the team. This means Immortals will lose a significant amount of money that would otherwise help alleviate the cost of the OpTic brand.

Immortals have not commented on the sale of the teams, though we’ll keep you updated if any developments occur.


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