Immortals Head Coach and GM Fired After 0-4 Start — Roster Changes Inbound

by in League of Legends | Jun, 25th 2020

Immortals’ head coach Thomas “Zaboutine” Si-Hassen and general manager Keaton Cryer have just been fired after a disappointing 0W-4L start to the 2020 Summer Split — a bit of information that should come as a surprise to absolutely no one.

A Poor Start To The Franchise

Immortals have long been the laughing stock of the region for a wide variety of reasons. Their play was often ranging from abysmal to mediocre, and even when they did find some semblance of success it always came as a result from individual hardcarry performances — never from team-wide synergy or any sort of cohesion. Their first two years (including the days when they were OpTic Gaming) were fairly hot and cold, but once 2020 came around, their line-up was incredibly worrying. In fact, they decided to field what can rightfully be deemed as one of the worst and least talented rosters in LCS history. There was just no potential to speak of, and while this might be a harsh way of phrasing things it is by no means incorrect.

Their coaching staff and management, leftover from before Immortals bought Optic’s LCS slot, then continued making illogical roster changes which — among other things — resulted in a horrendous 0W-4L start. Having a bad start is by no means the end all be all, but the fashion in which they played was so staggeringly bad and unimpressive that a fresh start was not only advisable but also a necessity. Still, one could argue that this won’t be enough. Roster changes need to happen, and they need to happen fast for Immortals to stand even the slightest chance of accomplishing anything in the Summer Split.

Fortunately, they have a couple of seasoned veterans who are currently warming the bench, and they should, by all means, be getting the nod this weekend. Jake “Xmithie” Puchero, Apollo “Apollo” Price, and Nickolas “Hakuho” Surgent (Apollo’s age-old lane partner) will all make Immortals a whole lot more competitive.

Questionable Roster Moves

The decisions IMT made so far have, for a lack of a better word, been abysmal. Starting Nicholas “Potluck” Pollock instead of Xmithie, Johnny “Altec” Ru instead of Apollo, and Jiajun “Gate” Yu instead of Hakuho are decisions that bogled the minds of many. The first of the three certainly deserves a chance to prove his worth, but Xmithie’s experience and veteran presence are some of the most important and integral assets Immortals have. Without him, they’re nowhere near as good or cohesive. As for Altec and Gate, they are by no means unknown quantities. They’ve comepted for many years and have never left much of a mark. There’s absolutely no reason why they should be starting — the LCS is by no means a hyper-competitive region, but there’s still more than enough competition in the bottom lane, and Altec and Gate lack the strength to compete on even footing.

There’s also yet another elephant in the room: Immortals’ mid laner Jérémy “Eika” Valdenaire. As far as LCS imports go, Eika is neither particularly talented nor worthy of taking up an import slot. Still, the community has been incredibly toxic towards the (relatively) young Frenchman.

The vast majority of the hate he’s been getting is not only unwarranted but also misdirected. Is Eika performing well? Not at all. Is he the one to blame for Immortals’ issues? Far from it. This team was misguided from the very get-go — Eika is just a (small) part of the problem. No one’s saying he deserved the nod over, say, Tanner “Damonte” Damonte or Eugene “Pobelter” Park. There’s no debate about that, but he’s trying his hardest and he can only play so well with teammates that are underperforming just as much.

Every single aspect of the Immortals LCS roster is underwhelming and changes are long overdue. Hopefully, this is just the start, with subsequent changes being right around the corner. If this team doesn’t grow and develop in a staggeringly short amount of time, they’re bound to remain a bottom-tier dweller for the foreseeable future.

Can Immortals make the necessary changes to their LCS roster to push themselves into the playoff picture? We’ll have to wait and see until the LCS is back in action this Friday to find out.

In the meantime, you can check out our list of 2020 Summer Split predictions! If things pan out as expected, we should be in for quite an entertaining split!


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