ImJasmine Banned on Twitch for Hot Tub Wardrobe Malfunction

by in Entertainment | Apr, 22nd 2021

An unfortunate hot tub mishap led to Twitch streamer Imjasmine being banned for 24 hours. There are a lot of conflicting opinions on the “Hot Tub Meta” that has taken over the Just Chatting portion of Twitch, and one of the bigger names in it has to be ImJasmine. Some decry them as “pathetic”, while others think it’s absolutely fine because it’s technically not breaking the rules. Twitch does have a pretty firm policy on nudity though, and thanks to an accidental slip, ImJasmine was banned on Twitch following her hot tub stream.

225,000+ Followers

Quite a few women (and men) have made the best of the Twitch hot tub meta with a few catching bans thus far, like ImJasmine. Though brief, the wardrobe malfunction was enough to get the streamer banned a little bit later. Thousands of people tune in to watch ImJasmine in her hot tub, hitting the point where she has over 225,000 followers. Some have said that it’s just people taking advantage of “simps”, or sad people who just want to follow/watch pretty girls on Twitch.

Nobody is making people watch hot tub streams though. ImJasmine was banned during a Twitch hot tub stream, and despite her audience letting her know that the malfunction happened, it was far too late. The ban came down, and it made sense. Partial or full nudity is not allowed on Twitch, so the nipple is a definite negative.

There are most assuredly channels that have posted the wardrobe malfunction of ImJasmine before her ban mid Twitch hot tub stream. We aren’t going to link that though, as we feel it’s inappropriate in this case. ImJasmine did confirm the ban went down though, and that she’d be back the next day. While this writer doesn’t care about the hot tub streams, as they aren’t his cup of tea, this is the risk you take in performing one. It’s unfortunate, but she will likely be back soon, ready to stream again.

Regardless, this is a very popular stream archetype right now. We will have to wait to see if Twitch decides to take action in one form or another towards this current meta.


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