Capcom Cup 2019 Winner Crowned, Major Changes Coming for 2020 Season

by in Fighting Game News | Dec, 16th 2019

What a wild weekend this was for Street Fighter V! The Capcom Cup has concluded, and iDom made the comeback of the year. Derek “iDom” Ruffin defeated Punk in the Grand Finals, in what felt like an anime redemption arc. After defeating players like Infexious and Mago, but was busted down into Losers by Punk.

Punk had the highest amount of points in Capcom Pro Tour history and was a pretty serious nightmare from the New York scene for iDom. But no matter how dominant Punk was, iDom didn’t give up.

We learned a lot during and after Capcom Cup 2019 this year. In particular, there are some pretty major changes coming to Capcom Cup 2020, and the location was also revealed: Paris, France!

iDom and the Top 8

Ultimately, iDom overcame Punk and claimed $250,000, and a guaranteed spot in the Capcom Cup 2020. Do you know what makes this so amazing to me? Not that he played a mid-tier at best character, and not that he made his come back from losers, and claimed the grand prize.

iDom is proof, if proof be needed, that an unsigned player can do the work, make the most of opportunities given, and claim the title of “Best Street Fighter V Player in the world”. That 250K check is proof enough for me.

From what I understand, he only took part in national events, not traveling overseas. He started as a relative unknown in the online scene and made the climb based on sheer skill and willpower. It’s commendable. There are a lot of people in fighting games that say if you don’t get signed to a team, you can’t go anywhere. iDom believed in himself and did the work. Take a lesson from Cody Rhodes: #dothework.

With that, the Capcom Cup 2019 is concluded, and a hero of the people, Derek “iDom” Ruffin won it all. But who was in top 8? We’ve got you covered.

Top 8 Results:

1st: iDom (Unsigned): 250K

2nd: Punk (Team Reciprocity): 50K

3rd: Phenom (Nordavind): 21K

4th: Mago (Unsigned): 12.5K

5th-6th: Tokido (Rohto): 9K

5th-6th: Fuudo (Cygames Beast): 9K

7th-8th: Nemo (Team Liquid): 5K

7th-8th: Machabo (YOSHIMOTO Gaming): 5K

Top 32 is a who’s who of Street Fighter V players. Former world champions and up-and-comers alike did battle, but only one can be the best. So congratulations, iDom. You deserve it. But this isn’t the only news to come out of the Capcom Cup 2019: Now we know more about Capcom Cup 2020! Sounds like we’re hitting the road.

Capcom Cup 2020 News

After the awards were handed out, the ever-present Yoshinori Ono took the mainstage to make some announcements. Apparently, the Capcom Cup 2020 is going to see some pretty incredible changes. The first point is that there will be an additional eight qualifier spots, and a split leaderboard.

This will encompass two different online seasons that will ultimately lead to the Capcom Cup 2020 in Paris. The season begins in March, but there’s going to be a points reset in July. This will help even the playing field for players.

From these global leaderboards, eight players will be picked in the March to July season, and an additional eight will have a shot after the leaderboard reset. Two seasons, eight players a season, so 16 players will make it next year at least. This is just for the CPT (Capcom Pro Tour) players. What about other players?

Local events, known as “World Warrior Challenges” will begin in August, where 22 winners will qualify for the Capcom Cup 2020. It sounds like Capcom understands that not everyone can travel around the United States to attend all the majors and secure points. These events have yet to be announced (dates or names), but the winners will make their way too.

I’m pretty bad at math, so what about those last two slots? One is going to iDom, of course. I imagine the last spot will be a Last Chance Qualifier like we had this year. We don’t have the details about how the splits will work, but I’m sure we will well in advance.

Capcom has revealed the premier events for 2020 though, which you can see in the above tweet. It all begins in Brussels, for the Brussels Challenge (March 22 – 22) in Evere, Germany. Game Over Tournament 2020 is the Mid-Season Break between the two splits, that much we know.

Most importantly, perhaps, is that the game will be played on Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, which goes live on February 14th. Players will have roughly a month to get ready. For those of you who want to sharpen your skills with new players, this is the way to do it. SFV: Champion Edition will come with all the presently released characters and all the fun DLC content.

Final Thoughts

This was an incredible weekend of Street Fighter V play. I didn’t get to watch it all, but it was amazing nonetheless. Some of the matches I’m going to go back and watch from the stream replays. There was a lot of talk about the 2P position having serious input lag which affected matches.

Far be it from me to accuse anyone of lying. If enough voices are speaking out, there is probably some basis in fact, at least in this instance. Yoshinori Ono apologized for the problems that occurred during the tournament and said his team will work hard to fix these things in the future. I believe it. Not too many people in the Fighting Game scene work as hard or love it as much as Ono-san. But was this all that happened at Capcom Cup 2019? Of course not!

We saw that Gill is now playable, and a ghost from my Street Fighter IV past is coming in 2020: Seth.


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