HyperX Continues to Host Esports Amid Pandemic

by in General | Apr, 22nd 2020

The Las Vegas Strip may as well be a ghost town and that includes the HyperX Esports Arena. However, HyperX and Allied Esports (the parent company of the arena) figured out a unique shelter-in-place scenario, so they can continue to offer esports to fans. The whole arena might be closed for now but esports waits for no one! While the world is shut down, Allied Esports and HyperX soldier on!

What’s Up With HyperX?

Five guys, 15 computer stations, 20 monitors, in a 15×25 foot living room in a Las Vegas home is the set-up they’re working with. Allied Esports CEO calls this the “Quarantine Command Center,” where they produce online streams for a variety of games from Fortnite to Call of Duty.

Hannah Hurlburt, a spokesperson for the HyperX Esports Arena, had this to say: “A team of the production staff from the arena came together and said, ‘Let’s quarantine together in the living room, since we can’t be in the arena, and put on these tournaments. They all decided to move in together, in a 3,100-square-foot house.”

Now that’s dedication to the cause of esports! Jud Hannigan wondered what would happen if they weren’t allowed to go on producing esports at the Arena, and so the brainstorming session began. Not even a week later, Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak ordered the Las Vegas hotels and casinos to close, so it was time to get their equipment and figure things out.

Ultimately, this mini-HyperX Esports Arena was created to continue to produce and host esports. Some of these online tournaments still offer cash prizes and can be viewed at their official Twitch stream. Prospective players can sign up through the arena’s website for events six days a week. Mondays are an off-day. Even esports needs a day off!

“We’ve built up a miniature version of what we have in our premium production facility (at the HyperX Esports Arena),” Hannigan said. “We can continue to run events, online, and produce content to a similar quality that we’ve been known for.”

These streams tend to go from 12:15 p.m.-6 p.m. for afternoon streams and 6:15 p.m.-11:59 p.m. for evening tournaments. We’re glad that Allied Esports and HyperX Esports Arena are still operating in at least some manner. They do incredible work. This dedication to keeping esports alive when we are desperate for something to watch and invest in is a credit to them.


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