HyperX and Champion Athleticwear Announce The Reflective Collection

by | Jul, 2nd 2020

Everyone knows how important RGB is. If you don’t have all those radiant colors shining at all times, you aren’t really winning matches. It doesn’t matter the game, that’s the rules! We don’t make them up. HyperX Gaming has launched an exclusive custom design of athleticwear with that in mind, thanks to Champion! They’re made of matte black reflective material to compliment your headsets and keyboards. This isn’t their first cool wearable collaboration either. But this is the most fascinating, that’s for sure.

This is something we didn’t really think we needed or wanted until we heard it. Now at the very least, they have our attention. This is a limited-edition line of apparel, and it’s not like it’s a company without a pedigree. Champion Athleticwear has been around since 1919, after all. You can find more information about the collaboration here.

Get Those RGB Colors:

“The first collaboration of the gaming-inspired capsule collection between HyperX and Champion was a runaway success. It was apparent the community craved more unique designs from the minds of HyperX and the Champion brand. With this newest collection, we hoped to tap into that same spirit of classic design with an exclusive twist – this time featuring a custom reflective treatment which illuminates beautifully once light shines on it. This concept pairs especially well with the Cloud Alpha S headset and HyperX RGB peripherals, while maintaining a tasteful and timeless style that is synonymous with Champion® Athleticwear’s aesthetic.”

The Reflective Collection by HyperX and Champion will go on sale on July 9th, at 8 am PST, for those interested. Hopefully, it will be received as they perceive it: a stylish way to express oneself through clothes will let them bathe in RGB light. 

The items will be available in unisex sizes, from S – XXL. The cotton shirt retails for 35 dollars, and the Powerblend fleece hoodie goes for 80 dollars. The slides are also available in Men’s S-XL for 45 dollars. That’s not the worst prices I’ve seen, either! That’s about what I’ve paid for any number of the hoodies in my collection. 

We have to say, the Reflective Collection from HyperX is pretty unique as far as branding goes. Perhaps we’ll see more RGB-themed stuff in the future. For now, the future is in this limited clothes line!


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