Hyper Scape Continues to Have Viewership Trouble on Twitch

by in Entertainment | Aug, 13th 2020

Hyper Scape is one of the newest, biggest Battle Royale games on the market, and there’s the problem right away: it’s one of the newest Battle Royale games. It’s such a saturated game genre, that it’s starting to be crushed under its own weight. The hype for Hyper Scape on Twitch has slowed to a crawl, and it’s seeing some pretty serious viewership troubles.  Hyper Scape promised something new and interesting to the genre, but it still has a similar visual aesthetic to so many other BR titles.

So we have to ask: Is this the end of the Traditional Battle Royale? Perhaps it’s time for something else, something better.

Where Are We Dropping? Not into Hyper Scape, Apparently

As of yesterday, Hyper Scape had 240,000+ followers on Twitch, but only 11,000 people viewing the various streamers going through the game. Sure, they aren’t expected to immediately have millions of viewers like Apex Legends, Fortnite, PUBG, or even CoD: Warzone. But the NICKMERCs promoting the game probably helped their initial numbers. But more often than not, people who feel like a promotion is a paid sponsorship do not turn into reliable viewers.

This is hypothetical of course. But if someone doesn’t seem like they’re playing a game because they want to, why should they? If you want some numbers, the game peaked at 405K viewers back on July 2nd. A month later, and they are averaging 6k viewers in the last seven days. Now, we’re not saying that Hyper Scape is dead in the water. It took Rainbow Six Siege quite a long time to pick up speed. But your average streamer/gamer wants that immediate success. You probably won’t find it in Hyper Scape, with these current viewership woes.

So what’s the trouble with Hyper Scape? It’s not a bad game. It’s genuinely different from some of the other BR offerings currently on the table. But is it different enough? It’s not going to have a chance to compete with Fall Guys. It’s a new Battle Royale sure, but it does almost everything different. Fall Guys doesn’t have a gritty, futuristic/realistic aesthetic. Instead, it’s bright, colorful, and honestly? It’s genuinely fun. It’s competitive while also being visually colorful, and has a variety of ways to play. On top of that, it’s free on PS4.

Even when you lose in Fall Guys, it doesn’t feel crushing in most cases. Instead, you pick yourself up and jump back into another wild, fun match. Fall Guys dropped last week and have over 311,000 active viewers and 431,000 followers on Twitch. Now that is retention. As of this writing, Fall Guys has 117,000 viewers, and that is the week’s peak is 117k. Their peak total? 500,000+ viewers. Fall Guys is absolutely crushing it right now because they dared to do something different. Typically, Battle Royale games do their best work in the first work or so, but a month later, it shouldn’t be seeing this much of a drop-off.

Still Hope, but Time Is Ticking

Now, Ubisoft had some major plans for Hyper Scape, but with these viewership troubles, there’s no telling how they feel. Ubisoft revealed before the game launched it would have Twitch Integration. That way viewers could decide map events that would affect the streamer in-game (infinite ammo, low gravity, et cetera). This would be a really fun way to stand out and could help the game build a casual viewership.

There are just so many popular shooters right now: Call of Duty: Warzone, Fortnite, Apex Legends, and heck, Shroud came back to Twitch and had over 500,000 people watching him stream Valorant. How are you going to compete with that? You probably shouldn’t try to.

Instead, perhaps Hyper Scape should keep it up, and keep working on the game. It’s not a dead game just because things dropped off. There’s plenty of time to see success for Hyper Scape. But it does speak to the oversaturation of the Battle Royale genre in general. So many games either are Battle Royale games, or have a Battle Royale mode.

Ubisoft needs to take some time and figure out what they’re doing, and not give up on the game. It’s so hard to stand out in the BR genre right now, and Fall Guys definitely did what Hyper Scape did not. It’s aimed at a more casual, regular person, and that counts for a lot.

We can’t even count the number of shooters that have a futuristic or modern aesthetic. It’s so common and boring. We think Hyper Scape can dig themselves out of this funk they’re in, but they might have to get a little creative. Simply paid promotions won’t cut the mustard. People have to believe the streamers actually want to be there, and are genuinely having fun.


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