Hydra Does Fantastic in His Long-Awaited First New York Subliners Match

by in Call of Duty | Apr, 26th 2021

It is time for the New York Subliners to have their team finally be complete. As you may already know, the Subliners signed Hydra to be one of the starting players for the roster this year, but he has been unable to perform thus far. Well, we are happy to say that the first Hydra Subliners match has happened.

First Hydra Subliners Match Finally Happens

It seems that the issues regarding the player being able to participate in the Call of Duty League 2021 season have finally been sorted out. The player made his debut during the first week of Stage 3 this past weekend. It was a tremendous effort from the player and one that shows some solid signs for the team’s future. 

The Hydra Subliners match was the only one during the first week of the third stage as the team was only scheduled for that match. However, it was an exciting one that was highly anticipated as it featured the New York Subliners taking on the Atlanta FaZe. 

The first Hydra Subliners match went exceedingly well for the team as they were previously expected to lose this match against the Atlanta FaZe. Though the Subliners are a great team and one of the best in the league, they were not considered capable of defeating the Atlanta FaZe.

Very few teams are capable of doing that. New York was not going into the third stage, especially after the recent performance in the second Major. However, with the long-awaited debut of Hydra on the starting lineup, it seems the team was ready to show off. 

Recap of the Atlanta FaZe and New York Subliners Match

The New York Subliners came into this match with guns blazing. It was a close one. Before we go any further, it is a terrific match that we highly recommend players watch on the Call of Duty League YouTube channel as it was easily the best one out of the entire week. 

The match kicked off with Hardpoint on Garrison, where New York and Atlanta went back-and-forth for a while, but the Subliners proved the better Hardpoint team here, winning 250 points to 211. The second round was Search & Destroy on the infamous Express map. 

Atlanta took the ground running on this map, showing its dominance as the Search & Destroy team we know and love once again, winning this one six rounds to only three. Then we came to Control, where Atlanta continued its reign as likely the best Control team right now, winning this close one on Garrison three to two. 

Here is where it got crazy as Atlanta could have taken home the win in the second Hardpoint round, but they could not stop New York on the insane Apocalypse map. It was a very close one here, as New York tied it up with a 250 to 241 win. 

That put us in a final Search & Destroy tiebreaker round, and it was Raid. This would have been one that we would have given to Atlanta FaZe, but it was just too close. In the end, it was anyone’s game. New York nailed the close win in the 11th hour, winning this round and the whole match in the process. 

That Search & Destroy round, in particular, is a fantastic one to watch, hence why we highly recommend that you give it a look if you can. Without a doubt, this was an upset from New York that we didn’t expect coming into the first week of Stage 3. It looks like we have their newest starting player to thank for a good part of that. 

Hydra’s Stats for His Debut Pro Match

The first Hydra Subliners went fantastic, with the rookie pro player doing quite well against the best team in the entire league. You couldn’t ask for a better debut, as Hydra was one of the best players on the team when it came to the stats at the end of the neck-and-neck fight. 

Hydra had a very good 1.29 K/D at the end of the first round in Hardpoint, just behind the team’s leading star and reigning champ Clayster, showing some solid signs right from the beginning. His S&D game in the second round was lacking, for sure, at three kills and seven deaths, but he more than made up for this later on. 

He remained positive in the Control round that was also lost to Atlanta FaZe, with 24 kills and 23 deaths, which is respectable given how this was a loss. He once again did great in the next Hardpoint round as one of the only two players on the team with positive ratios.

Finally, he ended the match in the final S&D round with five kills and six deaths. Not quite positive just yet, but an improvement over the first round. We can see that Hydra is likely a respawn player, but there seems to be room for growth in S&D, which is dangerous for the other teams in the league if he can improve there. 

Without a doubt, Hydra is the player that the team has needed for a while now, but we do have to give props to Diamondcon, who took his place and helped the team to be the top four team it is. But with the long-awaited arrival of Hydra, we may be looking at a championship-worthy squad right here. 

Hydra was originally supposed to play for the Subliners since the beginning of the 2021 season, but visa issues seemingly stopped the French player from making it overseas in time. Diamondcon has greatly filled in for a while this season, but it is now time for the Hydra Subliners squad we’ve been looking forward to. If they can beat Atlanta like this, they can take down anyone if they keep this up.  


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