Huskerrs Calls Nickmercs a Manbaby As Drama Heats Up

by in Call of Duty | Feb, 18th 2021

Five-month-old Call of Duty drama is flaring up again, as Warz Jordan “HusKerrs” Thomas has called Nick “NICKMERCS” a manbaby following Nick unfollowing him on Twitter. It’s a really weird situation, and it seemed like it spiraled out of control pretty fast. So what went on, and how did we get to this dramatic moment?

Five Months Prior

In a recent livestream, HusKerrs explained the drama between himself and NICKMERCs. HusKerrs duped with Symfuhny, and they took out NICKMERCS and FaZe Swagg, but it perhaps seemed suspect to Nick. Why is that? Well, according to HusKerrs:

“Nick has beef with me because [of] a tourney that was five months ago. They tried to take host for the second map when they hosted the first map.”

NIck wanted to host to reportedly “avoid cheaters”. You do have a minor network advantage when you’re hosting, but not enough to sway things one thing or another. But since HusKerrs plays on PC, there is a greater chance of hackers and cheaters. This is true, as we’ve reported repeatedly. This makes sense, but the reaction resulted in was drama between NICKMERCS and HusKerrs:

HusKerrs responded with “f**k you” and took control of the map with Symfuhny. HusKerrs then points out that NICKMERCS “was a f***ing manbaby and cried about it.”

This really doesn’t seem like something to let hang on for five months, that’s for sure. Nick’s explanation didn’t seem unreasonable, but HusKerrs was well within his rights to control the map. It all seemed very aggressive and unnecessary though. Ultimately, it led to NICKMERCS unfollowing HusKerrs on Twitter.

“I would say that to his face,” HusKerrs stated. “Bring him in my Discord, I don’t care. Literally clip it and send it to him. He unfollowed me on Twitter because of all that.”

These two are huge in the Warzone community, but is it really necessary to get so upset over a Twitter unfollow? Hopefully, the two of them can come together and make good though. There are enough problems in the Warzone community without this kind of unnecessary drama between HusKerrs and NICKMERCS. We can just hope for a peaceful resolution, but that’s unclear right now. At least the two won’t come across each other in tournaments. With all the cheating that’s going on, NICKMERCS is avoiding the tournament scene for now.


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