Hungrybox Gets Ahead of Potential Allegations, Team Liquid Responds

by in Fighting Game News | Jul, 6th 2020

Juan “Hungrybox” Debiedma may be one of the best-known Smash Bros players in the entire world, and he had something disappointing to say recently. The top Smash Melee player for the past three years says he could be facing some allegations. Hungrybox says there may be some harassment and misconduct allegations coming out about him. It sounds like he’s getting in front of it before it happens, but not admitting to any actual acts or naming names.

It’s genuinely disappointing to see these sorts of things come out. In a way, we’re glad he didn’t name any particular names. Let them come forward if they wish to. But regardless of how you feel about Hungrybox, his note of potential allegations tells us there are victims waiting.

The Smash community is riddled with abusers, it seems.

Accountability, Being Better

Hungrybox has stated that he used his status as a Smash player, as one of the top Melee players in the world to make it easier to “meet people”. That he has been “unfaithful” in a past relationship. If he’s getting in front of it like that, we can’t help but wonder how serious these allegations are. Is it just flirting, is it cheating? Did he hit up underage girls? We have no idea and are not going to speculate. Instead, we’ll see what comes out.

Hungrybox has since stated that his actions are something that nobody should ever do:

“When you go to a tournament and you know there’s someone there who is known for flirting with girls regardless of if they have a boyfriend or not, that’s not an environment you want to be in,” Debiedma said. “And I know that I probably made that environment more difficult for people.”

The problem is that he did do these things though. He’s admitted to such. Hungrybox has however said that he will take responsibility for his actions and the allegations from the Smash community and Team Liquid.

Hungrybox went on to discuss this:

“I think that, regardless of what is decided, regardless of what is said or painted about me, I stand by any decision the community makes in terms of wanting me at events or not. I stand by any decision Team Liquid makes in terms of wanting me to be their player or not and I stand by the people that I might have potentially hurt.”

We’ve never thought about Hungrybox as anything other than a stand-up guy, so it’s pretty shocking. He has pointed out that he will ban anyone from his various social media accounts that supports any harassment of people who come forward.

But what has Team Liquid to say about Hungrybox’s potential allegations? Steve Arhancet went on Twitter to say this:

“We’re aware of discussion in the community about potential upcoming allegations against HungryBox as well as the video he put out sharing his perspective. We will be listening to the women of the community over the upcoming days and/or weeks and discussing next steps.”

This statement makes sense. Hungrybox has not made any details clear, and nobody has come forward yet. So simply letting him go without knowing more would be pre-emptive. He has to take responsibility for what he’s done, and it sounds like he’s willing to do that. It’s still reprehensible to use your position of power and influence in such a vile way.

What we’re seeing now is that all of our heroes have fallen prey to being dreadful victimizers. It’s important to take responsibility and be a better person. It sounds like Hungrybox is willing to do just that. We will just have to see what sorts of allegations spill out as a result of his statement.


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