Huke Joins LA Thieves in Insane Move: What Does This Mean for Dallas and LA?

by in Call of Duty | May, 4th 2021

The Los Angeles Thieves are one of the greatest teams in the Call of Duty League right now, growing and doing quite well for itself, but it looks like the team will go even higher now. An LA Thieves Huke signing has been announced, revealing a very surprising roster move.

LA Thieves Sign Huke to Starting Roster

We did not expect this LA Thieves Huke move to happen. The 100 Thieves-backed Call of Duty pro team has revealed that Huke, one of the current reigning world champions, will join the Los Angeles Thieves moving forward for the 2021 season. 

This decision is just as surprising as the initial move from the Dallas Empire that saw the current champ benched in favor of bringing FeLo into the mix. That roster change was one that we had many problems with, as seen in my opinion piece breaking down this change for Dallas. 

Thus far, I still stand by the fact that it was a mistake for Dallas Empire to drop Huke. That is something that the Thieves likely agree with, as they were quick to pick him up once he was put on the bench. This announcement is a rather exciting one for LA Thieves fans as it means some potentially positive results soon. 

The Thieves posted about the announcement on the official Twitter account with a nice welcome video for Huke that is on-brand for the organization. It welcomed the “multi-FPS champion” Cuyler “Huke The Nuke” Garland to the team. 

Hilariously enough, the follow-up tweet was only the second one that we have seen recently, where it included the asterisk that is pending league approval at this time. This means that the LA Thieves Huke signing is done, but these roster switches also have to be approved by Activision itself. 

However, we don’t see any reason why this LA Thieves Huke deal wouldn’t be approved so long as the Thieves followed all of the proper procedures and made sure to abide by any rules that Activision has put in place when it comes to signing players to their roster. 

The community reception has been huge for this move, with almost entirely positive responses from what we have seen thus far. This includes the opposing teams and players like Clayster (former teammate and current champ), Temp, and more connections to Huke and/or the Thieves.

Move Comes With Benching TJHaLy

Without a doubt, the LA Thieves Huke deal is one of the most impressive and game-changing roster shifts that we have seen to date in the Call of Duty esports scene. However, it is not a move that doesn’t come with a cost associated with it. 

As you likely already know, the LA Thieves have a full roster right now, with Kenny, TJHaLy, Venom, and Drazah on the roster. All four of these players are greats in their rights. No one is missing from the roster, so it stands to reason that one of them has to step down to make way for Huke. 

Unfortunately, 100 Thieves has decided that TJHaLy is the player who has to step down. He has been effectively benched for the time being. This is rather unfortunate as he is a fantastic player and hasn’t necessarily been doing terribly like we usually see in roster changes like this. 

Instead, this is more of a unique situation where Huke was just too fantastic to let slip by, so the LA Thieves took the opportunity before one of the other teams had a chance, most likely. But this means that someone had to move to the bench. It didn’t matter how good they are. 

This Roster Change Is a Power Move for LA

Overall, I would argue that this LA Thieves Huke deal is a huge power move for the organization and will pay wonders, in the end, most likely. This shows that the Thieves are ready to be one of the best teams in the business, even though it was already headed there. 

Any one of the 11 other teams in the Call of Duty League could have picked up Huke. Many of them were likely scrambling to figure out a way to swoop him up first. But it seems that either the Thieves were the first to accomplish this or had the best offer. 

This is one particular situation in which we would love to have some info regarding how this deal happened behind the scenes. But regardless of how it went down, this is one of the best roster changes to happen in a very long time. 

Usually, we are super disappointed by the moves that a team is making, such as benching someone amazing like Huke, but this can likely only end well for the Thieves. We can’t wait to see what this means for the team moving forward. 

Dallas Empire Will Likely Regret Dropping Huke

I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again: the Dallas Empire is likely going to regret dropping Huke. We covered the entire situation recently and how I believe this is going to go down as one of the worst shifts for a pro player in the franchise’s competitive history. 

The Empire has stated that it knows what it is doing. While it may not look like good results are coming out of it right now, this will pay off in the long run. Benching Huke and now allowing him to be swooped up by the Thieves is something that Dallas will have to sell us on. 

Thus far, they have not shown any signs of improvement that will make the release of Huke worth it in the end, rather than someone else instead on the team. FeLo is a fantastic player. We don’t want to take that away from him as he deserves this chance on Dallas’ roster, but it didn’t need to be Huke to leave for him to join.

I imagine that the Dallas Empire will regret letting Huke go as this is the second time that they have had to drop one of their star champions since the end of the 2020 season, where they won the playoffs. And it is beginning to feel like the death of a thousand cuts for the team, with each move dealing more blows to the reigning champs. 

Prediction: LA Thieves Are Truly a Championship-Worthy Team Now

Before I finish breaking down the Huke and LA Thieves deal, there are two main predictions that I would like to make. Sure, I’ve gone over the fact that I think that Dallas Empire will regret letting Huke go, but there are more specific predictions that I would like to make at this time. 

The first of these is that I truly believe that the LA Thieves are a championship-worth team now. While I won’t say whether TJHaLy is the right choice for dropping in favor of Huke, I will say that having the current champ join the team is the right move.

They are now a team that is, without a doubt, worthy of winning the championship now. That said, it remains to be seen if it will happen or not as there is another team with a champion on it. Clayster and the New York Subliners are the other team right now, which is great, honestly.

With the New York Subliners with a champ on it, the LA Thieves now also in that situation, the Dallas Empire looking to defend its championship, the Atlanta FaZe looking to nab the trophy finally, and Toronto Ultra potentially the best team around right now, the league looks insane currently. 

This 2021 season is heading into the third Major tournament and the final two stages with some of the most insanely stacked teams and talented rosters we have ever seen before. There is truly no guessing what will happen moving forward, but all I can say is that I can’t wait to find out more. 

The one element to note is that Huke is a star player, but the LA Thieves is a roster full of star players already like Drazah and Kenny and Slasher and TJHaLy in the past. Hopefully, they can find a way to work together and have great synergy, or else the talent won’t matter much. 

It won’t be long until we find out how the Huke deal will play out for the LA Thieves as the changed roster will have its first match this week against the New York Subliners, where former teammates and current champs Huke and Clayster will battle it out. 

That match will be the final one for the Thieves this stage in the group play section. The results of that match will help determine who will be placed where in the upcoming Major in this group of death as the Subliners will be vying for a win in the next tournament. 

Some of the Underperforming Teams Have a Chance to Scoop Up TJHaLy

My other prediction is that just like Huke was picked up by the Thieves so soon after his benching. I imagine the same will happen for TJHaLy. Again, I’m not here to debate whether this was the right choice as I think the Thieves were doing fantastic already in this stage with the return of Drazah alone. 

But I do think that TJHaLy is a wonderfully talented player and one who shouldn’t be sitting on the bench. My hope and prediction are that one of the more struggling teams on the leaderboard picks him up right now so that he can assist them in the remainder of Stage 3 and beyond this season. 

Several teams could benefit from his addition, including basically everyone at the bottom of the pack like the Florida Mutineers, Paris Legion, London Royal Ravens, and Seattle Surge. However, the power move that I would, personally, like to see happen is him joining the LA Guerrillas. 

Not only would it be a bit of irony in him joining the other Los Angeles team in the league, but that team has signs of greatness that just haven’t been fulfilled yet. I think that the loss of Vivid was unfortunate — I would argue even the wrong choice at this time — and now the team lacks the star power that it had, so TJHaLy could be that for the roster in the future. 

I think him joining the LA Guerrillas could help that struggling team out a lot and cement it as one of the middle-of-the-pack teams in the league with a bit more consistency that is much-needed. After all, other bottom teams like Florida and London are trying to improve and catching up to the Guerrillas slowly but surely. 

If the team wants to secure a top-eight finish and have even a remote chance of earning some impressive cash in the playoffs at the end of the season, I think this move would be one worth doing. Here’s hoping that we can report back on TJHaLy joining a starting roster in the pro league soon. 


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