Huge Black Ops Cold War League Play Season 2 Reloaded Changes Announced

by in Call of Duty | Mar, 29th 2021

It looks like Treyarch is going all-in when it comes to the Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War League Play. The title’s ranked mode is getting even more competitive with the latest Black Ops Cold War League Play Season 2 Reloaded changes that have been announced. 

League Play Is Changing Once More in New Update

The Black Ops Cold War League Play Season 2 Reloaded changes are just one part of the overall Season 2 Reloaded update coming very soon and may already be here by the time you are reading this. This new update for the game includes some new content, bug fixes, and more. 

This is the midseason update for the game, offering the second half of the content selection that was previously revealed or teased at the start of the second season. Now that the update is here, it brings with it more than just the new maps and game modes that you would expect. 

It is also bringing the new Black Ops Cold War League Play Season 2 Reloaded changes that are rather unexpected. It seems that Treyarch has been listening to the fans when it comes to this ranked mode and, therefore, will be adjusting it considerably.

Much of your loadout and how you might have played in the League Play matches will change here in this process. There are only three real changes in this update, but at least two of them will forever change the meta and the way you pick your loadout in League Play. Here are all of the Black Ops Cold War League Play Season 2 Reloaded changes. 

Law Breaker Nerfed and Perk Greed Removed

First off, there are two main changes to the wildcards system in the game. Two of the most popular wildcards that you could pick in the title have been either adjusted considerably or just removed from being able to be selected for your League Play loadout

The first of these, Law Breaker, falls into the former category. The wildcard is still here in the ranked mode, but it will no longer allow any weapon to be put into either weapon slot. This was the primary purpose of this wildcard, meaning that you will no longer be able to run around with a sniper rifle and an assault rifle, for instance. 

Or, if you are like me, you will not be able to run around with an assault rifle for longer fights and an SMG for those close combat encounters. Instead, you will be back to the basics of having only one primary weapon and a secondary weapon to back it up in your loadout. 

The other change for Law Breaker is that players will only be able to select multiple perks from the same perk category, meaning if you want more than one yellow perk, you are going to have only to be able to take more than one yellow perk with you, and that is it. 

These are some pretty insane Black Ops Cold War League Play Season 2 Reloaded changes as a whole as it means that players will now have to select a playstyle and stick to it. Will you be the sniper for the group, will you be the main AR player, or will you run and gun with an SMG?

But the Black Ops Cold War League Play Season 2 Reloaded changes don’t end there as the Perk Greed wildcard has been removed completely. This restricts the ranked mode and makes it so that you will be restricted to a few different options now in the game. 

It will be great for those who were requesting this to make the game mode more streamlined overall and competitive in the process. But at the same time, it will possibly make it even harder for solo and duo players who don’t have an entire team of four to build your loadouts around, and you are less flexible than before. 

Match Suspensions and Other Changes

Some other key changes are happening in this Season 2 update as well. The other major one is that there are now match suspensions that will happen in the ranked mode. Players who quit out of the match or kicked for friendly fire will now be suspended from matchmaking. 

These penalties will also increase if the player continues to leave matches early or gets kicked for friendly fire. On the UI side of things, the placement bracket extended to include top 25 and top 50. Gem representation has also been updated in the rank progression screen. 

Some other minor changes like the ladder event complete screen have been updated to have a new gem celebration animation. Meanwhile, there is a location at the top of the League Play ladder to show you the current placement gems you have. 

Overall, these changes are surprising for the middle of a season. It was more expected for something like this to happen later on, like at the start of Season 3, but it seems that Treyarch thought that these changes were necessary now in the middle of Season 2. 

For more on everything else happening in Season 2, stay tuned for our midseason update post very soon with all of the details surrounding the new content in the title and the weapon changes that are likely to shake up the overall meta in multiplayer too. 


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