Huge 2020 LCS Schedule Change In the Works

by in General | Dec, 18th 2019

Let’s take a closer look at a surprising 2020 LCS schedule change that’s in the works and how it will affect the overall viewing experience going forward.

We are weeks away from the 2020 competitive season, which means teams and players across the globe are practicing non-stop to build synergy and hit the ground running.

Change Is Coming

A lot of people are keeping an eye on the North American region because of its most recent failure on the international stage. For NA, many things need to change. There needs to be a better solo queue mentality, fostering of native talent, more efficient practice, etc. But one thing no one complained about is the schedule.

Some want the LCS to be a Best of 3 formats, while others prefer the quick and exciting nature of Best of 1s. Statistically speaking, LCS viewership skyrocketed since it reverted to Bo1 mainly because it’s a top-heavy region.

There are a couple of fantastic, well-rounded challengers at the top (perhaps four or at best five), with the rest of the region being far worse in every regard.

Watching just a single game between two bottom-tier dwellers is tolerable. It can even be exciting at times. Watching three games in a row, however, is an ordeal no one wants to go through.

North America’s reluctance to develop native talent is well documented. The problem has plagued the region for many years. It’s also a flaw that must be corrected sooner rather than later.

The first step towards a better future is making the LCS Academy a bit more prominent. Doing so would give players more exposure and make their journeys more meaningful. They would be getting a more significant part of the spotlight.

Riot fully understands this, so they’re making a huge LCS schedule change for 2020. Games will no longer be played just on Saturdays and Sundays. Instead, everything will transpire for three days.

LCS Games Extend to Three Days

This means that we’ll get four LCS games on Saturday, another four on Sunday and the last two on Monday. Every LCS team will play the same number of games each week, but the days when they play differ from week to week.

As for Academy games, five of them will happen on Friday, a single game broadcasted after the LCS on Saturday and Sunday. There will be three in-studio games happening on Monday as well, right before the LCS begins.

In other words, 10 games of LCS and 10 of LCS Academy will all happen over three days each week.

This is a nice change. It’s a necessary step in the right direction. But will it be enough? Will bonus exposure truly help these players out? It won’t hurt, seeing how not a lot of people tuned in to Academy no matter when it broadcasted.

Regardless of how the 2020 LCS schedule change pans out, it’s an exciting update that could improve the region in the future. Plus, many LCS teams take Academy seriously as they’ve assembled beastly line-ups with more than just a couple of seasoned veterans.

That’s a downside as well since they’re not investing in native, up-and-coming talent. At least we’ll be greeted with a fair bit of quality of play.


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