HP Acquires HyperX for $425 Million

by in General | Feb, 24th 2021

That’s right; HP acquired HyperX for a massive $425 million! HP has been trying to break into the gaming space for years. They make fantastic products, but somehow, they just haven’t made the name they could for themselves. The Omen brand is solid, but they’re no match for the time and effort that other major brands, such as Corsair, Logic, and Razer, have put in. This could be HP’s chance to lay anchor into the gaming sphere. HyperX headsets are among the best ones I’ve used personally, so I’m curious to see where this goes.

HP Buys HyperX From Kingston

For those of you that are worried, don’t be! HP is only buying the HyperX products/line from Kingston. The Kingston brand will continue to own their DRAM, flash, and SSD drives they’re famous for. While HP acquires the HyperX name and product, perhaps this will be best for both companies. Kingston can focus on the products that made them famous in the first place, and HP will move towards the gaming market that they wish to. 

“HyperX is a leader in peripherals whose technology is trusted by gamers around the world, and we’re thrilled to welcome their outstanding team to the HP family,” said Enrique Lores, HP’s president and CEO, in a recent press release. “We continue to advance our leadership in Personal Systems by modernizing compute experiences and expanding into valuable adjacencies. We see significant opportunities in the large and growing peripherals market, and the addition of HyperX to our portfolio will drive new sources of innovation and growth for our business.”

It sounds like all of the HyperX products are coming over. Microphones, headsets, and keyboards alike will be coming over. This is a move that’s great for HyperX potentially. Having such a huge name and business at hand could help the HyperX products reach more people than ever. This is the next step for HyperX’s growth as HP acquires them.

Will this change anything about the quality of HyperX products? Not in a negative sense. We feel like this can only be a positive impact on the company as the need for quality gaming peripherals increases with the growth of esports. All told, this is excellent news for HyperX, and the Kingston fans will still be able to buy the products from them they already did (RAM et al.). We can’t wait to see what the future holds. 

We wonder if this will mean that HyperX will still host esports events and continue to collaborate with other esports orgs as this deal goes through.


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