How Will Overwatch’s Priority Pass Fix Queue Times? Jeff Kaplan Explains

by in Overwatch | Nov, 17th 2020

Now, when you hear the phrase “Priority Pass” without any context, it sounds like something you’d have to spend real money on. Thankfully, that’s not the case. Jeff Kaplan recently revealed this “Priority Pass” for Overwatch, which is going to in theory, make players who queue for certain roles (DPS) get ahead of the queue a little faster if they fulfill a certain condition. What will those DPS mains have to do?

Queue as Flex. There are also potential changes coming to the OWL in 2021, but let’s look at the more casual scene right now.

A Whole New Role Queue Experience

That’s right, if you enter Role Queue as a Flex Player, you’ll receive a pass – a Priority Pass that will grant you a shorter wait time in Overwatch, for a certain role. More often than not, this will probably be used on DPS players, let’s be honest. The only catch is that those DPS mains will have to queue as flex, and may not necessarily get the role they’re after. 

Jeff Kaplan spoke about this recently:

“If we’re being honest and direct with each other, that’s probably the Damage (DPS) role,” Kaplan laughed. “When you enter the Flex queue, you are in essence queuing for every role available — Tank, Support, Damage — and the game will put you into the role that is currently most needed to speed up queue times for everyone.”

To sweeten the deal, if those players who have queued as Flex win, they’ll gain even more Priority Pass points for Overwatch. You still get them even if you lose, but not quite as many. As of this moment, players will be capped at 40 Priority Passes at any time.

That 40 number could change though. That’s still up in the air. The idea is that everyone’s queue times will be shorter, and by encouraging people to play something other than the one role they know (dps), more people as a whole will get into games faster. Now, there’s no stopping these players from being toxic, or complaining about the role they get, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

A Much Needed Improvement

Role Queue is great, but the times to actually get into matches are miserable. Everyone just wants to play Genji, we guess. We have no way of knowing if this will actually reduce queue times though. It’s not even in PTR yet but will be “soon” reportedly. We’ll have to see how this actually changes queue times in PTR though. There is still time to adjust it that way. People who queue as Healers and Tanks are probably not worried about this so much, but DPS? You have time to head to the kitchen to prep a meal while you wait on a match. We’re hoping this actually winds up benefitting the game as a whole because Role Queue needs something

But in theory, this has a lot to offer Overwatch. It’s a fun game, but it’s less fun when you have to wait for a half-hour just to play one five-ten minute match. This writer, as a Mercy main, isn’t swayed by this though. Genji/Junkrat mains though? This is probably a godsend!


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