Here’s How to Unlock the Ninja Fall Guys Skin

by in General | Dec, 21st 2020

Remember back when we talked about Fall Guys making charity bids to get custom skins within the game? Well, $1 million was donated to Special Effect by Ninja, MrBeast, AimLab, and G2 Esports. That means each of those entities is going to get a custom skin in the game. The first up? Ninja’s Fall Guys skin! It’s already in the shop, and it’s not as hard to unlock as you might imagine.

The best part is that it doesn’t sound like it’s a limited-time skin. It will be available starting today (Dec. 21) and onward. 

First Up: Ninja

Not to be biased or anything, but this writer feels G2 Esports should have had their skin created first. Ninja’s Fall Guys skin came first, and that’s just how it is! We’re just glad to see this come about, as it was for a fantastic cause, and a ton of money went to Special Effect. The Ninja skin in Fall guys costs two crowns in total, with one for the top and one for the bottom, as per Twitter. The first tweet said five crowns per top and bottom, but a later tweet points out one.

The skin is in two parts. The top shows Ninja’s spiky blue hair and yellow bandana, and the bottom is a blue hoodie, matched with black and blue sneakers. All told, it does look exactly like Ninja; if Ninja were a friendly Jelly Bean man, that is. There are only two ways to get crowns right now: Winning matches and unlocking them through the season rewards/earning fame points.

The skin itself looks pretty rad, and it will no doubt get lots of people back into Fall Guys to unlock that excellent Ninja skin. We’re just glad that it’s not going to be a limited-time skin. The next skin will be MrBeast. While we have no idea what it will look like, we can only imagine it will be great. Perhaps he’ll be wearing a hamburger costume to market MrBeast Burger.


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