How to Turn Off Halo Infinite Crossplay on Xbox and Avoid PC Players

by in General | Nov, 29th 2021

Halo Infinite is still not yet in its full release format just yet, but the multiplayer beta is already undergoing some serious issues. Players are dealing with unfair balancing as hackers and cheaters are entering the fray, leading to many players wanting to turn off Halo Infinite crossplay.

Some Xbox Players Want to Turn Off Halo Infinite Crossplay

If you have been playing the multiplayer beta in Halo Infinite, you might have noticed that there are some hackers that have shown up in the game, causing mayhem in the community. These hackers have already figured out in just a couple of weeks how to break the game entirely.

They are able to use aimbot hacks to have that perfect aim and take you out from across the map and even some wall hacks to allow them to take shots at you that should otherwise be impossible in the game. There are more horrifying cheats that are reportedly cropping up in the game, too.

Some users have noted that there are cheating software suppliers who are offering their services in exchange for real-world money, which is typical for a cheating service. However, the problem here is that some of these issues include disabling the replays for matches in Halo Infinite.

What this means is that a player will not be able to watch a match over again, which will then render the ability to prove that someone was cheating impossible. Without something like killcams and final kills that are seen in other games, like the Call of Duty series, this can make it quite difficult to prove that they are a cheater.

As such, it is understandable that there are many Xbox players out there who are wanting to know how to turn off Halo Infinite crossplay. If an Xbox player is at least able to turn this feature off, there is a chance that they can stave off the hackers for at least a little bit longer.

If the cheaters are prevented from being in your matches for a little while longer, there is the chance that 343 Industries can come up with some solutions to deal with the hackers during that time, though it is not guaranteed as the developer has not spoken out about it just yet.

How to Turn Off Halo Infinite Crossplay on Xbox

There is both good and bad news when it comes to how to turn off Halo Infinite crossplay. The bad news is that there is no direct way inside of the game itself to turn off crossplay, essentially forcing players to play together across both the Xbox and PC platforms.

That said, there is a way to turn off the feature, but it requires some outside steps from the Xbox itself and not within the game. Fortunately, the method for how to turn off Halo Infinite crossplay is pretty simple. There are some elements that you should know about beforehand, though.

For one, there is the fact that you cannot do it in the game itself, but must make it happen from the Xbox settings. With that said, this means that it will essentially turn off the crossplay functionality for all of the online multiplayer games that you play on your console.

So, if you like playing with friends in other online games across different platforms, you may have to do a juggling act of turning this feature on and off over and over to make sure that you are able to play games online with friends when you want to and avoid the PC players when you don’t.

As for how to turn off Halo Infinite crossplay, what you first need to do is head to the settings option on your console by pressing the Xbox button. Once there, select the account option and head to the “privacy & safety” option, then Xbox Live.

From there, you can go to the custom part and customize it. This is where you will select the “communication and multiplayer” area of the settings. From there, you can turn off the option to play with other players that are outside of the Xbox Live ecosystem. With this done, you should be able to avoid the PC hackers in Halo Infinite for now.

How to Only Match With Same Input Players

While you are unable to turn off Halo Infinite crossplay from within the game itself, it does have one option that is available to users. You are able to select to only match with other users online who are using the same input as you, such as controller with controller or keyboard & mouse with K&M.

This will ensure that you are not matching up with players online who are using an input method that is different from yours, but it does not prevent you from matching up with PC players entirely. This just means that you will be matched with PC players who are only using a controller.

This will not necessarily prevent you from encountering hackers online on PC, so it is best to use the above method to do so for now. That said, there is some use in this feature as you can turn it on, along with the above method, and avoid PC players and those (likely very few) Xbox players using a keyboard and mouse to play online.

Again, the likelihood of encountering Xbox users who are using keyboard and mouse is very slim most of the time, but they are out there and it is possible to play Halo Infinite that way on the console. As such, it might be in your best interest to turn this feature on and make sure that you are only encountering console players using a controller. That said, be sure to watch out for possibly longer matchmaking times because of these changes and the fewer players you can interact with now.


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