How to Get the Fortnite Deadpool Skin

By Cody Perez

February 21, 2020


fortnite deadpool skin

Fortnite is expanding in a significant way with the launch of Season 2. The latest season has arrived as only the second one in Chapter 2. This might feel like a long time because it has been. Players have been waiting for this new season after the longest one in battle royale history.

Deadpool Is Now Available in Fortnite Season 2

Season 1 of battle royale was the longest season ever, taking up not one but two seasons worth of content in the span of its time. While it was a great season with a brand-new map to explore, it grew old pretty fast. As such, the Season 2 update this week was welcome.

Players discovered several new map locations to explore on the island, a battle pass complete with 100 tiers of content to unlock, weekly challenges, and plenty of new skins. This season has some of the most impressive skins that we have ever seen to date.

Every one of them has several customization options available to them right from the moment you unlock them. From the Ghost and Shadow themes to the Maya skin, which is one-of-a-kind, there are lots of new options for players to use in the Season 2 matches.

But there is one skin that surprised everyone as there was little to no fanfare around it. Epic Games didn’t take the time to announce this skin, which is surprising given that it is a crossover. There is a new Fortnite Deadpool skin in the game now.

Instead of announcing this with a trailer or blog post about the new crossover with Disney and Marvel, it was shown off in one of the official screenshots for the game that reveals several of the new skins that players can get.

This resulted in many players confused as there was no announcement about the new Fortnite Deadpool skin. But, alas, it is the latest crossover skin in the game, following up on the likes of Harley Quinn from Birds of Prey, Rey from The Rise of Skywalker, and more.

Fortnite Deadpool Skin Isn’t in the Item Shop

If you want to unlock the Fortnite Deadpool skin, you might jump to the item shop first and foremost to purchase it there like every other crossover skin that we have seen in the game. However, if you do that, you will find that the skin isn’t located there.

This is because you don’t buy the Fortnite Deadpool skin directly from the item shop like other collaborations in the past. Instead, you can unlock the skin just by simply playing the game, but it will still take some money for you to get it.

The Deadpool skin is available to players who purchase the paid season pass for Season 2. But just buying the season pass isn’t enough to get the skin either as it is essentially the new season-long secret skin for players to work towards.

To unlock the new skin, players need to find a specific location and start completing some challenges.

Where to Find the Deadpool Room

Deadpool has a secret hideout where he is hiding on the battle royale map. Thankfully, you don’t have to find his room on the map but in the main menus of the game. Locating the room is the first step towards unlocking his skin, which looks to be a detailed and arduous process over this season.

You need to go to the main battle royale lobby on the platform of your choice. It all works the same no matter which system or device you are on. Oddly enough, the challenges tab is no longer a thing in this game as it got incorporated into the general battle pass tab.

That is the second tab in the lobby and players should start by selecting it. This will take you to the battle pass home for Season 2, which happens to be a special secret agent headquarters. In a way, it is like the tease that Epic Games had with the Winterfest event in December.

During that event, players can head to a special event lodge where you could do various things like interact with items, get new missions, and so on. The battle pass headquarters is a similar feature in this season, a place for players to gather up everything they need before heading into battle.

While in the headquarters, you can find many of the new skins this season hanging around the challenges table. There are also places to check out the agents you’ve unlocked, daily missions, and so on. However, none of those are what we need for Deadpool.

Instead, look for the small vent opening on the right side of the screen. It is a bit hard to see this location, but it does have an icon on it that shows that you can interact with it. Unlike the other areas in the room, it doesn’t have a name for it.

Instead, the game tags it as a question mark, so there is no telling where it might lead you to. Fortunately, it turns out that this vent is what you need to head to the secret Deadpool room.

How to Get Deadpool Challenges

When you go through the vent, you will be taken to Deadpool’s hideout. His hideout just so happens to be a random bathroom for some reason that he seems to be now living in. It is cluttered with a bunch of his stuff, including a washing machine already running, likely cleaning up his suit.

Deadpool isn’t around at the time but that isn’t necessary for unlocking his suit right now. Among the mess in his “room,” you will also find there are two objects that you can interact with right now. One of these is on the right side and is a computer.

The old-fashioned computer is Deadpool’s PC and interacting with it will let you enter his password automatically to look at what he has. This is how you find the Deadpool challenges that you need to unlock his new crossover skin for battle royale.

The problem with this is that players must own the paid battle pass to interact with the computer. If you don’t own the battle pass, you can still enter the room, but you won’t see the challenges on the computer and complete them for the skin later in the season.

As such, we recommend that you purchase the premium battle pass if you are interested in unlocking this skin. Like previous seasons, it costs 950 V-Bucks to purchase it, which is roughly around $10. There is no way to get exactly 950 currency, so you’ll need to buy 1000 for $10.

That’s a pretty good deal this season since many crossover skins are themed around movies, comics, and the like are more expensive than $10. The best part is that you aren’t just getting this skin either, but you are also earning yourself some other skins and content in the process.

Once you have the battle pass, open the computer and find those challenges that are currently available for the Deadpool skin.

How to Complete the Deadpool Week 1 Challenges

Like the normal missions that you can expect each week, the Deadpool challenges will be released each week with a new batch. At the start of the season this week, though, there is only the Week 1 challenges. There are a couple of them that you can do right now.

When you boot up the computer for the first time, there is only one challenge that will appear but there are more. You need to beat each challenge to unlock the next one in the list. Thankfully, the challenges this week are extremely easy, but we aren’t sure if it will continue this way or not.

The first challenge that you need to complete for the Deadpool skin is to read the letter that Deadpool wrote to Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite itself. This tongue-in-cheek moment is certainly a lot like Deadpool so all you need to do is find this letter.

Well, remember how we said that there are two items you can interact within his home base? It just so happens that the other item is the letter that Deadpool wrote. You don’t have to leave the area, jump into a battle royale match or anything for this first challenge.

All you need to do is back out of the computer and interact with the letter. It is found on the left side of the bathroom hideout, lying on the floor during the clutter. You can read the letter for yourself and see the interesting idea that the Merc with a Mouth came up with for the battle bus.

Doing this action completes the challenge and unlock the second one in the Week 1 challenges. What you need to do is interact with the computer again and you will see the second challenge available. This is an equally easy challenge to complete, but it is also quite sad.

For some reason, Deadpool has something against the bus driver who willingly takes players to their deaths and asks you not to thank the bus driver. This is contrary to countless challenges in the past where you had to thank the bus driver in a match.

All you must do is boot up any battle royale match of your choice and ride in the battle bus. While in the battle bus, remember not to do anything at all. Don’t do an emote or anything, or you might end up thanking the bus driver.

Instead, jump out of the battle bus whenever you are ready. The game will immediately notify you that you didn’t thank the bus driver and complete the challenge. It will also notify all the other players in the chat so that they know how cruel of a person you are.

When You Can Unlock the Fortnite Deadpool Skin

Those two challenges are the only ones that are available in Week 1. Beating them will not grant you the Deadpool skin just yet but they will give you a unique Deadpool banner item. This is because we are likely going to get new challenges each week throughout the season.

So long as players complete all the challenges by the end of the season, they can unlock the Deadpool skin. As for when this might be possible, we’d have to guess that it will likely be around the ninth or 10th week of the season.

Players will probably have to do around 18 to 20 challenges in total to unlock the skin and wait for a good while. This is like what happened in Season X with the Fortbytes, offering a new set of content to keep players engaged throughout the season and unlock something special in return. Stay tuned here for the weekly guides on how to complete all Deadpool challenges and unlock the skin.


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