How to Fix the Apex Legends No Server Found Error

by in Apex Legends | May, 14th 2021

Respawn Entertainment is one of the most prolific developers in the game industry right now, with some of the best titles released in recent memory, but that doesn’t mean that games like Apex Legends are perfect. The online game is prone to its problems like the Apex Legends No Server Found error. 

Apex Legends No Server Found Error Explained

The Apex Legends No Server Found error is an issue that you can easily run into the game, and it is quite common to happen. It is one of the prominent errors that players will run into, for sure, but that doesn’t mean that it is easiest to fix. 

As for what the Apex Legends No Server Found error is, well, the name gives it away. When you are queueing up for a match online in the battle royale game, you will find no servers found for you to join, at least according to this error you receive. 

You will not be able to join a match and find that you receive this error instead. This issue is problematic since it essentially prevents you from playing a match online, which is a huge problem for a title like this one that is all about playing online with other players worldwide (and on other platforms). 

This is an extremely frustrating situation if you keep getting the Apex Legends No Server Found error over and over in a short time, as it means that the battle royale is virtually unplayable for you. It can make you wonder if it has to do with you or the game itself. 

Furthermore, it can make you wonder if the issue is that the servers are down. Though you will sometimes get a different error than this one if the servers are not working, that may be the case, and that is why you are finding no servers to play on. But it can also mean that you are unable to find and connect to servers when it is online. 

How to Fix the Issue on Your End

Here’s what to do to fix the Apex Legends No Server Found error possibly. First and foremost, it is important to know whether or not you are getting the error message because of a problem on your end or if it will be on the actual server end of the title.

There are a couple of possible fixes that you can do. The first is a simple one: to try again to find a match online, but you have probably already done that by the time you are reading this. If so, and it didn’t work again, restart the game to see if that makes a difference. 

If that doesn’t work, restart your console and/or PC of choice and then see if you can find a server to play your battle royale match on. If it still doesn’t work at this point, you must check your internet connection to make sure that it is working properly. 

You are usually going to get a different error if you are having internet issues, but there is still a chance that you could get this one in that case. Make sure that your internet works by going on the same platform you are playing Apex on and making sure that you can access the web, videos, other online games, and so on. 

If they work and the game is still giving you error messages, then you can safely assume that the issue is not one on your end at all. Instead, it has to do with something that is going on with the developer and server side. In this case, it is time to switch to the second part of what to do when it isn’t an issue on your side. 

What to Do If It Isn’t Your Fault

Here is where everything gets a bit trickier. If the Apex Legends No Server Found error is because of your internet or some other problem with your platform, that is something that you have some control over and can fix to then find a server to play on. 

But if it isn’t an issue on your end, that means that it is likely a problem on the Apex Legends server side or with the platform service that you are playing on. If you are a console player, now would be the time to ensure that other online games on that console are working, so you know if it is a PSN or Xbox Live issue, for example. 

Once that is ruled out, it is clear that it is likely a problem that Respawn Entertainment has to deal with. To check this, be sure to hit up great resources like the Down Detector website where other users running into issues report a problem they are having, the official Apex Twitter account, and our website that you are on right now. 

If you see that other users are having the same problem, that means that it is something that Respawn has to fix. If you don’t see other users with the issue, report it to places like Down Detector so others know, and make sure to contact EA Support to let the company know, too. 

But if you do see others getting this no servers found error; there is little that you can do at this time. You may practice and try out new legends and tactics in the firing range, but there is no guarantee that this will work, either, depending on the situation. 

Your only option in this scenario may be to wait it out and see if the servers are fixed. This issue often happens when too many players play the game, like when a new season drops, such as what happened with the Legacy season or when a limited-time event is happening. 

Check back in the game in like 30 minutes or more, and see if anything has changed. If not, keep an eye on social media for updates from EA and Respawn regarding the issue and when a possible ETA might be for a solution to be implemented. 


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