How to Fix Black Ops Cold War Blackout Trial Error on Xbox

by in Call of Duty | Dec, 9th 2020

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War hasn’t even been out for a full month at the time of writing this, and it is already having so many updates for various issues in the game. However, one issue recently popped up and has not been resolved yet, and that is the Black Ops Cold War Blackout Trial error. 

Black Ops Cold War Is Unplayable for Some Players Right Now

Some players encounter this brand new Black Ops Cold War Blackout Trial error in the Call of Duty game. It happens when the player tries to boot up the game from a fresh start, and they are unable to play the game at all when this error is given to them.

When we say that they are unable to play the game, they are unable to go beyond the error screen to the game itself. This prevents them from enjoying the game that they purchased with their own money and that they own currently.

Game-breaking bugs are fairly common in video games, but this is still very unfortunate and annoying, especially since there is no immediate fix given for the issue on the error screen. Instead, it actually can leave the player more confused than most errors around.

The Black Ops Cold War Blackout Trial error is a special one that some players encounter at this time. It is unlike most problems that you will run into that are standard ones like no internet connection, servers are down, other miscellaneous issues, etc. This one needs a serious fix, but we are here to help you out. 

Black Ops Cold War Blackout Trial Error Explained

The Blackout Trial error is one that many players are dealing with right now regarding the Xbox platform. This issue is something that is, oddly, enough only affecting the Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Series X users at this time from everything that we can tell.

It doesn’t seem to be affecting PC users for now. We haven’t personally encountered this problem or heard of anyone having the issue on PS5 or PS4. So, for now, it seems like an issue only relegated to Xbox owners, but it is surprisingly common, so you have a high chance of becoming affected by it. 

It will break the game for you entirely, and you will not be able to play the game again until you fix it. It doesn’t matter if you are playing online, offline, or just the singleplayer campaign. This problem can affect you and stop you from enjoying the game as it is supposed to be.

The Black Ops Cold War Blackout Trial error is essentially an error that players will get when they try to boot up the game. As soon as you open up the game and it starts to boot up, you are likely to encounter this error screen that lets you know that your “Blackout Trial” has ended and you need the full game to continue. 

This is a strange issue that has no immediate workaround from the error screen. You aren’t able to continue regardless past the error. Restarting the game on Xbox will make the same problem repeatedly appear, as it isn’t some random message you get. 

Blackout may sound familiar to you. That is the popular battle royale game mode from Cold War’s predecessor Black Ops 4. However, that game mode has nothing to do with Cold War right now as Call of Duty Warzone is the battle royale game for the title. 

There is no Blackout in the game where players would try out the game mode for free for a little bit in a trial. But when the trial ends, the Black Ops 4 player needed to purchase the game to keep playing. This error is showing up in Cold War for some odd reason.

There is a chance that it has to do with the fact that Black Ops Cold War Season 1 will introduce the Rebirth Island, or Alcatraz, to Warzone, but we aren’t sure. Regardless, this is an issue that you have to deal with until an official fix is given. 

How to Fix This Problem on Xbox

If you are dealing with this problem right now on Xbox, there is a single fix that we know will work for sure. This is an official one that comes directly from Microsoft, so be sure to hit the company or Activision up if this does not resolve the issue for you. 

The issue is that the Black Ops Cold War Blackout Trial error is appearing because you are missing some DLC. You need that content downloaded, or else you will keep getting this incorrectly named error. The easiest way to do this on Xbox is to go into your games and apps and locate Cold War.

From there, press the menu (start) button and select the option to manage your game and add-ons. You want to see all of the available DLC that you can download for Black Ops Cold War and select all of it. Make sure that you download all content that is available for the game and install them.

Once done, save changes, and it should install the content that you are missing. Once that is all done, restart the game, and you should no longer have the error. But if you encounter the Black Ops Cold War Blackout Trial error still, make sure to support the issue.

One other thing that we recommend you try in the off-chance that you do still have this problem is to delete the game (of course, backup your save file first) and then redownload it and all of the other content from the Xbox store. Hopefully, this can address this problem and fix it for you as a temporary solution. 


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