How to Easily Farm Destiny 2 Spectral Pages

by in General | Oct, 14th 2021

There’s some awesome loot waiting in Destiny 2 if you have the Spectral Pages, but they’re not too bad to farm. That is if you know how! Spectral Pages are a new item for Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost in 2021. To fill the Book of the Forgotten, they’re the first resource you need. Normally, completing any activity while wearing a Festival of the Lost Mask will net you pages. But there are ways to get these just a bit faster. For example, if you have the Ascendant Lens from last year, you can take it to the HELM (Queen Mara Sov) to get 21 Spectral Pages. But you might not have that. So what else can you do?

194 Spectral Pages is a Really Long Farm in Destiny 2

This revelation came thanks to Reddit and has got us Destiny 2 fans excited. Considering you get about five pages per activity, and you need 194 of them, that is a horrifying sounding grind, right? This particular method is easier if you have a Fireteam to group with. In order to do this Destiny 2 Spectral Pages farm, you need the “Cryptolight Lure” from Season of the HUNT, and must have Xillox available as a Prey Mod.

As the Leader, open the Lure through your quest menu and slot a Prey Mod for Xillox +2 Trophy Mods. Load into the Dreaming City, and let the rest of the fire team head out. You stay here, relax, and the other two go kill the boss, and grab the loot/pages. This will let you load into the area, beat the boss, get the five pages, and not use your Lure Charges. It’s said that you could in theory do this in about two or three minutes (not accounting for load times).

Do remember to also have your Mask equipped in order to get the pages. You can also farm Spectral Pages in Destiny 2 fairly easily against Savek. As the Team Lead, you’ll once again equip Prey Mod: Savek for the Lure, and head down to the Tangled Shore. Defeat the Servitor and follow the trail until you see “stalk your prey.”

From there, the leader stays behind, and the other squad members go beat a bunch of pages out of Savek’s hide. It’s incredibly important for the leader to not enter the lair at all. When Savek is beaten, you abandon the mission and this will respawn you at the mouth of the law. Then you go back to start the mission, rinse, repeat. There are quite a few ways to abuse this right now in Destiny 2 for Spectral Page farming. Another Redditor suggested Corrupted Expunge, for pages, and the high-stat armor rolls/double perk splicer weapons. So there are so many options!


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