How Much Monthly Income is Amouranth Losing Without Twitch Ads?

by in Entertainment | May, 21st 2021

There’s still no clear reason why Amouranth lost her Twitch ads, but it’s costing a fair amount of monthly income. It’s being said it’s thanks to all of her hot tub streams, but that is not confirmed, so we’re not going to speculate on the “why” of the situation right now. The hot tub meta might be really upsetting a fair amount of Twitch viewers, but at the end of the day, they can choose not to watch them. Amouranth in particular is the first streamer to lose her ads, but how much monthly income is she losing here?

Ads Are Pretty Big Money:

While ads aren’t all of Amouranth’s monthly income, it’s got to be a massive part of it. She’s also got donations, bits, sponsors, subs, and off-site income – OnlyFans, things of that nature. Even people who sparingly run ads on a moderately-sized stream can make a fair amount of money. At first, people were just speculating how much of Amouranth’s monthly income was derived from ads, but we now have a clear picture, thanks to the streamer herself.

On the LivestreamFail Reddit, Amouranth’s announcement was posted, and the nature of how much she made on ads was asked. Amouranth herself showed up to reply, stating “35-40k a month re ads”, which is a humongous pile of money. Plenty of streamers have given their opinion on the situation, and it’s pretty safe to say there are streamers afraid it could happen to them too. Is this the future that awaits hot tub streams?

It could also extend to other types of “mature” streams, whether it’s body painting, or simply people who swear too much. Whether it’s actually a breach of contract, we’ll just have to see. But for now, it looks like Amouranth stands to lose nearly 500,000 dollars a year if her ads aren’t returned on Twitch. The problem appears to be that there is allegedly no warning and that the ads were suddenly just removed from her streams.


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