Horizon Is the Best Apex Legends Character According to Devs

by in Apex Legends | Jan, 14th 2021

One of the biggest things in a character-based game like Apex Legends is who is the best character to pick? The heroes that you choose from all have different powers and roles, so it is of the utmost importance that players pick someone they are good with. So, who is the best Apex Legends character that you can pick?

Best Apex Legends Character Officially Revealed for Now

Normally, this would lead to use debating the best Apex Legends character through a blog going through all of the different heroes that have been released across the seven seasons of content but not this time. That is because stats have essentially shown us the best character in the game.

It all happened recently in a Reddit thread that someone shared on the Apex Legends subreddit page. It actually really had nothing originally to do with who the best characters in the game are but it certainly divulged into that topic very quickly.

Instead, the original thread on Reddit was about an idea that a Reddit user had come up with for reworking Wattson so that she is even better and more viable in the metagame. Wattson is a great character that we really like but we can agree that she might need some minor adjustments.

Before we get into the officially best Apex Legends character, let’s go over the reworking that the Reddit user darkstirling proposed. This user noted the massive changes that they would make to her abilities to make this defensive tank a much more interesting fighter.

Reddit User Proposes Wattson Rework

There are two major changes that they made to Wattson and they have to do with two of her abilities. First off, we have the Perimeter Security ability that Wattson has. Normally, increases the node HP to 50 and that is it but they have changed it to have something else.

The new functionality would let Wattson press a single button to deactivate all fences that she has created. This may seem weird at first as the fences are the whole point of her character but the player goes on further to note that you can press that button again to reactivate them all at once.

The general idea is to make Wattson a character who is able to surprise and trap enemy players at once. Maybe someone doesn’t notice the pylons that have been set up that are currently inactive and runs in, only to be trapped inside of a fence and vulnerable to a quick finish by the Wattson’s team.

Interception Pylon remains the same but it is Spark of Genius that has been changed by the user. This passive ability has been adjusted so that, in addition to the current effect that it has, Wattson will now restore two shield points every five seconds when she is not taking any damage.

Wattson Rework Even Got a Response From Respawn

This means that it would take a while, yes, to get full shields for Wattson if you lose all of them in the fight but it could be a decent bonus at least. The passive change is one that we could see happen just because it won’t break the game too much but the tactical change is interesting.

It would fundamentally change the character of Wattson into something totally different than the tank that she currently is. It would make her more of a trapper tank like Caustic than she is right now and, honestly, she would be much better at it than him at that point.

This was pretty well-received by the community, especially the trapping part of Wattson as it is something that is actually an amazing idea if implemented well. If not implemented well, it could actually make her into too powerful of a character able to be too defensive and offensive at the same time.

In fact, even DanielZKlein, a senior game designer at Respawn Entertainment saw this post and responded to it. In general, he liked the idea of the new tactical ability changes for Wattson but wasn’t as big of a fan of the rest of the changes that the user proposed.

Fence Deactivation Idea Is So Good It Might Be Implemented

In fact, there is a massively positive response from the developer to the point where we wouldn’t be surprised if they took this idea and then ran with it to make some fundamental changes to the character. However, it is unlikely that we would see more changes beyond that.

This is because the developer noted that Wattson already has a very high win rate and that is something that would be thrown out of balance if too many changes were made. She used to be 100% picked in every single competitive match but that has since dropped off.

More casual and intermediate players, however, don’t really ever pick her at all. But when she is picked, the chances of you winning are much higher than some of the other characters in the game. As such, boosting her too much would make her potentially seen as a requirement to even have a chance at winning the match.

This all makes sense but the developer then took the time to reveal the actual top five best Apex Legends characters in the game right now. These are based on the official stats that show the win rates of the characters when it comes to battle royale matches.

Here Is the Best Apex Legends Character Based on Wins

Before, Wraith and Lifeline were almost always at the top of the win rates and our lists as well for the best character in the battle royale game but there is a new champion. Starting with fifth place, we have Wattson who would likely climb through the ranks if she was changed too much.

From there, we have Lifeline in fourth who is a little bit lower than we would have expected for such a great character. Third place is Gibraltar who has climbed so far after being one of the worst characters many seasons ago and second place is now Wraith.

She has been dethroned as the best Apex Legends character, which that title now officially goes to Horizon. The latest hero to join the game is easily the best in the business and it was clear by her amazing ability set that is all about aggressive and tactical fighting.

With Horizon unequivocally the best Apex Legends character, she is highly recommended for any teams that are trying to actually win a match in season 7, unless you are just really good with another character over her.


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