HenryG Opens Up About Cloud9’s CSGO Salaries After $400k Floppy Deal

by in CS:GO | Oct, 8th 2020

Cloud9 is spending some outrageous money to lock down what could be an unstoppable CSGO team. At least, they better be, for the roughly $4 million spent. Earlier this year, a deal landed Ricky “floppy” Kemery a $400,000 contract. Cloud9’s Henry “HenryG” Greer has now opened up about CSGO salaries in their organization. This team is the Colossus and has millions of dollars sitting on it. Salaries in esports are a pretty murky business, but HennryG is shaking things up in a serious way with his new project on Cloud9.

Not Every Player Has the Same Value

That $4 million amount? That’s not even the whole team! Cloud9 still has two more CSGO players to add to the Colossus, and who knows what salaries they will have? The Colossus is HenryG’s project and began with ALEX of Vitality, who signed for $1.65 million, and after him was Mezii. Mezii landed a $426,000 contract. Özgür “woxic” Eker of Mousesports also broke the $1 million mark ($1.365 million). HenryG also pointed out the announcement of woxic’s signing with a statement laying out why he was picked. 

One of the other Cloud9 stars is going to be joining the Colossus too, floppy. 

A popular method of paying teams is paying everyone the same. However, HenryG disagrees there. He said on Twitter: “I’m sure this will spark another Esports’ hot topic’ with the disparity in the salaries. I sign each player and negotiate their deals on an individual basis. Ricky has received a pay increase from his previous contract and that will be reviewed each year of his stay.”

Each of these all-star CSGO players has three-year contracts with Cloud9, thanks to HenryG, to go with those incredible dollar amounts. It seems like HenryG believes in the player’s actual value and pays them what they are worth based on a variety of metrics. He feels that it’s fine to pay everyone the same, but that’s not what this is about. 

Greer also pointed out that he would not have taken this role unless he had 100% creative control on what to build. He’s trusted with creating a dynasty, and with that in mind, some wild moves are being made. Players are paid what he feels they’re worth it seems, instead of an arbitrary, equal number. But when you’re all making six figures+, there’s no room for jealousy. If the team does well together, they can bring those numbers up we imagine. Cloud9’s move in CSGO salaries is revolutionary thanks to HengryG being on the cutting edge. There’s no telling if this will succeed, or if other squads will follow suit. It’s a fascinating ide . 

It’s also great that HenryG is100% open and upfront on why people are picked up and paid what they are. There seems to be room for growth too. Honestly, as someone who does not keep up with CSGO enough, it’s wild the players are making that kind of money. But if it’s worth it, then there’s no knocking his decision. 

However, we wrote earlier in the year about Cloud9’s financial woes. Cloud9 president Dan Fiden pointed out they were losing millions a year in CSGO. This sounds very much like a gamble. But Henry seems very confident in this new squad, and it could be what Cloud9 needs to turn their CSGO situation around.

As a long-time Cloud9 fan, this writer has faith in HenryG’s unique approach to salaries pertaining to the CSGO squad. This Colossus is shaping up. He plans on having a six-man squad, so who should he sign next? What would round out this team, making it unstoppable? Let us know!


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