Hecz Leaves OpTic for NRG

by in Call of Duty | Sep, 16th 2019

After months of speculation, the wait is finally over: Hecz has finally announced his plans for himself in esports.

The former owner of OpTic Gaming has been the center of discussion for the last several months. There have been rumors of his plans following the franchising, including recent comments that appeared to lead to him staying with the org.

Now, in an official announcement on Twitter, Hecz revealed he would be joining NRG’s Chicago-based Call of Duty League (CDL) spot as a co-owner of the organization.

Coming Home

The initial news was a shock to the community. Many had assumed Hecz would go to one of the Texas teams or stay with OpTic, a reflective look at Hecz’s career adds more clarity to this move.

Before OpTic moved to Texas, the team was based out of Chicago, and Hecz has a history with the region.

The team is also rumored to be getting Scump and Formal added to the line-up according to CoD Intel, which is another shocking pick-up for Chicago. Scump had been linked to staying with OpTic or going to a Texas team, while Formal appeared to be heading to LA for OpTic as well.

Considering Scump and Hecz are close, and given that OpTic’s players expressed their desire to follow Hecz wherever he goes, this move puts NRG in an advantageous position as they look for players to recruit.

Hecz’s video also seemed to hint that he would be making a ton of content for NRG. We may see the legendary content creation OpTic was known for in the past begin branching out to NRG’s other teams, including CS:GO and OWL teams.

Personal Take

While joining the Chicago team is a return for Hecz to his old stomping grounds, the move is a chapter closing in his life.

Leaving Texas and OpTic behind allows him to finally escape the past and begin anew, though the comparisons will always be there with old players rumored to join the line-up.

Either way, he won’t have to worry about setting the groundwork for a brand new team or worry too much about how it’ll grow. NRG has a ton of support staff across its multiple teams and has effectively expanded itself already.

That’ll give him more time to focus on his bread and butter: content creation, something that is starting a business from the ground up was going to take away from.

It’s sad to see Hecz’s time with OpTic come to an end after all these years, but I couldn’t be more excited to see him take on a role in a larger team in the esports industry.


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