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Hearthstone is one of the biggest trading card games in the world and has reinvigorated love for the genre in the hearts of fans everywhere. Join us for our Hearthstone news coverage for the latest card spoilers, event details, and more.

Hearthstone News in 2021

Jason Parker | November 19, 2021
Hearthstone: Fractured in Alterac Valley is the next expansion dropping in December 2021. It takes […]
Jason Parker | July 2, 2021
Hearthstone is bringing players to the heart of the Alliance, with the United in Stormwind […]
Jason Parker | June 4, 2021
Hearthstone’s Wailing Caverns mini-set has officially hit the game, and brings 35 excellent new cards! […]
Jason Parker | April 2, 2021
David “Justsaiyan” Shan retires from Hearthstone right before the next Grandmasters, and it’s a shame. […]
Jason Parker | December 9, 2020
Last month, we covered the new addition to Hearthstone, the “Rewards Track.” It’s a way […]
Jason Parker | November 23, 2020
Hearthstone Duels is the latest free game mode added to Hearthstone via the Madness at […]
Jason Parker | November 18, 2020
The latest expansion of Hearthstone, Madness at the Darkmoon Faire, launched on Nov. 17. The […]
Jason Parker | October 23, 2020
Are you ready to learn about the next expansion for Hearthstone? It’s going to be […]
Jason Parker | September 28, 2020
The latest in-game event for Hearthstone is quite a magical one – a Masquerade Ball! […]
Jason Parker | September 16, 2020
Nerd Street Gamers have done a lot to bring diversity and inclusion to esports, and […]
Jason Parker | September 4, 2020
Who would have thought that a school that employs someone like Kel’thuzad would have dangerous […]
Jason Parker | August 14, 2020
Blizzard dropped a hotfix for Hearthstone, shortly after the latest expansion went live. Scholomance Academy […]
Jason Parker | March 17, 2020
As the Year of the Dragon finishes off its last content, we must consider what […]
Jason Parker | January 22, 2020
The Year of the Rat is kicking off in Hearthstone very soon! They revealed the […]
Jason Parker | January 16, 2020
Galakrond’s Awakening is almost here in Hearthstone, and the latest Tavern Brawl will be a […]