Hearthstone Rewards Track to Receive an Update

by in Hearthstone | Dec, 9th 2020

Last month, we covered the new addition to Hearthstone, the “Rewards Track.” It’s a way to get extra bits of content in Hearthstone, like cards, dust, gold. As a game that doesn’t truthfully do a lot of rewarding, combined with expensive deck builds, players need all the help they can get. However, the Rewards Track was not received gratefully. It felt slow and has some truthfully frustrating requirements to earn rewards. These changes are coming later this month, and you can read the full blog here.

What can we expect? Before the actual changes, there is a reward coming for all players. There will be a one-time log-in reward of five Darkmoon Faire packs and 500 Gold from Dec. 15-Jan. 18.

Much Needed Improvements Are Coming

The Hearthstone Rewards Track update will remove some difficult quests and adjust them to be easier. This goes for, in particular, weekly quests that require Legendaries or Arena runs. Having to own Legendaries to complete quests or invest money (or time grinding gold) for Arena did not feel rewarding at all. 

Blizzard points out that these quests will not be automatically removed, but you can re-roll them out of your quest log. We can’t understand how this happened in the first place. Blizzard does occasionally give out free legendaries, but you still have to build a deck that fits them and grind matches with it. On top of that, one quest is more feasible.

The “win seven games of ranked play mode” will change to “win five games of ranked play mode.” We’d rather it see play instead of win, but at least five ranked matches are feasible. Since it’s a guaranteed quest, being asked to win seven matches a week in ranked felt more than a little bit ridiculous.

Also, Tavern Brawls and Battlegrounds will contribute to quest progress. Any quest that would progress this way, like “Play Three Games as a Priest, ROgue, or Warlock,” could be done in Tavern Brawls. You can do Quests that require you to play Beasts in Battlegrounds by playing Beast creatures. Being able to use more of the modes is nice. 

All 800 XP Daily Quests will also reward 900 XP for making them feel a bit more rewarding. They want to make sure that players feel like it’s worth doing these and not making it feel like an obligation or a chore. You know, like World of Warcraft’s Daily System.

Rewards Changes

Another significant thing in the Hearthstone Rewards Track update is the EXP. It felt so slow and tedious to grind through. About 37,000 XP is cut out of the 1-50 track, about 20% of the EXP needed. Blizzard also points out that you’ll retain the EXP you’ve accrued, so you may see you have more rewards unlocked than before.

More gold is added too. The devs are adding 50 gold to the current rewards for levels 27 and 30. Just having a bit more gold will be nice, to be honest. They are also redesigning the bonus rewards for those that complete 1-50. The bonus levels felt too time-consuming, and the rewards weren’t worth it. Now, the bonus levels will be 350, which is up from 150. The bonus levels will take less XP to complete and reward 50 gold, so you can farm some great gold.

This means players who need gold for card packs can farm it without feeling like a day-consuming chore. We’ll have to see how this is embraced, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction. Blizzard state they’re still looking at ways to improve the system and keep working on it. If things feel wrong, or you think of ways to improve it, reach out on the Hearthstone forums


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