Hearthstone Reveals the Masquerade Ball Event

by in Hearthstone | Sep, 28th 2020

The latest in-game event for Hearthstone is quite a magical one – a Masquerade Ball! That’s right, the Masquerade Ball event begins Sept. 29 and features brand-new content for both Battlegrounds and Hearthstone. This content will unlock weekly and has some great new and returning stuff for us to see!

Elementals, Dual-Class Arena, and Rexxar?

Elementals are coming to Battlegrounds! This next update, dropping on Sept. 29, adds the power of Elementals to the Battlegrounds. It offers four new heroes, 16 new minions, a new progression system, and ratings reset. Unfortunately, it doesn’t reveal who the new heroes are, but you can learn more about this update here.

Also coming on Sept. 29 is the return of Dual-Class Arena! Thanks to the Masquerade Ball event in Hearthstone, all players will receive one free Arena Ticket to celebrate this return. You choose a Hero before choosing Hero Power from a different class in this event. The cards on offer will be from both classes, in addition to neutrals. You can mix some ridiculous combos that you usually wouldn’t see in a Hearthstone game. However, it’s only available during the Masquerade Ball event!

There are also some Tavern Brawls to be aware of during this time. The first is on Sept. 29, Rise of the Zombeasts. Here you build an army of Zombeasts as Deathstalker Rexxar and his Hero Power (which has been discounted). It’s pretty fitting when you consider the whole of the event.

On Oct. 7, Masquerade Ball is our next Tavern Brawl. Everyone puts on a costume for the ball. When a minion is played, it transforms into one that costs (2) Mana more. When it dies, the original minion is revealed, and gets back into the fight! Now that sounds chaotic.

The final brawl is on Oct. 14, Boss Battle Royale. You choose from 10 big bosses and fight! The classes are tied to corresponding bosses such as Cenarius (Druid), Rotwing (Hunter), and Lich Baz’hial (Mage).

Finally, on Oct. 13, the next of the Book of Heroes saga continues with Rexxar’s solo experience. You journey as the Champion of the Horde, Rexxar and take in his quest for true heroism. This Book of Heroes event is completely free. Defeating all eight bosses gives 1 Hunter Pack for free.

This sounds like a pretty great time to get back into Hearthstone and celebrate a festive season with the Masquerade Ball!


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