Hearthstone Launches Madness at the Darkmoon Faire Expansion

by in Hearthstone | Nov, 18th 2020

The latest expansion of Hearthstone, Madness at the Darkmoon Faire, launched on Nov. 17. The Old Gods returned to haunt the Faire, alongside 135 new cards, a new keyword, and so much more. It’s a fascinating time for Blizzard’s hit card game. We even have a brand-new, free game mode to try out. As always, we’re working diligently on a blog filled with decks to try out with these new cards. So stay tuned to Esports Talk for more on that.

What’s New at the Faire?

If you want to see a detailed series of thoughts on these new cards, we have that for you here. Hearthstone has the potential to see some serious shifts in the meta, with all these new cards coming to a variety of deckbuilds. Perhaps the biggest of all (literally) is the return of the Old Gods. That’s right, C’Thun, N’Zoth, Yogg-Saron, and Y’Shaarj return as Legendary Neutral Minions.

Each of the Old Gods is built around a particular deck archetype, so there’s something for everyone. On top of that, there are also Old God Artifacts, which are four powerful spells that will feel familiar to those who used the original Old Gods in Hearthstone. The Darkmoon Faire launch is exciting! There’s also the new keyword.

Corrupt has the potential to bring some powerful combos to life. A card with Corrupt will upgrade in your hand if you cast something that costs more first. It will also have unique, corrupted art with a lot more tentacles and eyes, of course.

Hearthstone Duels, a new game mode, also came with the Darkmoon Faire launch. It’s free and combines Arena Mode’s thrill with the popular Dungeon Run modes. You pick a hero, a hero power, a signature treasure, and then build a 15-card deck from your collection. From there, you duel other real players, and before each match, you level up the deck with more treasures, spells, and minions. There’s so much on offer, like the update to the progression system. Behold, the Old Gods have arrived.


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