Everything You Need to Know About the Hearthstone Global Games 2019

by in General | Nov, 18th 2019

The Hearthstone Global Games 2019 is a Hearthstone tournament where the teams of two do battle for a total prize pool of $75,000. This four-week tournament will feature the best of the best and isn’t the first Global Games.

One thing isn’t clear yet, but we wanted to touch on it as well. Last year’s Hearthstone Global Games had a near $410,000 prize pool, thanks to Twitch Cheering. Players were cheering on their favorites, and that turned into revenue for the tournament.

I can only imagine they’ll do it again, to make the Hearthstone Global Games 2019 a severe draw of terms of viewership and monetary gain. Bragging rights are great, but you know what’s great? Money.

How Will the Hearthstone Global Games Go Down?

Each team will have two players. The first player in that area (country or region)’s highest monetary earner from the 2019 Masters Tour. The second player will be selected based on a variety of criteria. This includes lifetime earnings, contributions to the community as a whole and much more.

With this style of criteria, only the biggest and best Hearthstone players are likely to be picked for this impressive tournament. But how does it go down exactly? The Hearthstone Global Games are set up into a pair of group stages. The first group stage takes place now through November 24th, with eight groups of four teams doing battle.

In this dual tournament, the top two teams in each group move on. From there, four groups of four compete again. The top two will once again more on to the playoffs. It’s also important to note that the grand finals stage will be single-elimination matches, making them far more intense.

Of course, these matches all take place on the official Twitch stream for Hearthstone. If you’d like a complete schedule, you can find it on the Hearthstone website.

So far, 1st place through 3rd place takes home $20,000, $10,000 and $7,500 dollars, respectively. I hope the cheering comes back, though. I want my card game community to take home as much cash as they can.

What’s Different This Year?

This event has already begun – the matches started on November 15th, after all. Last year’s Hearthstone Global Games were at BlizzCon, but not this year. Why not? Probably due to the Blitzchung kerfuffle that still hasn’t left the news.

It likely would have been bombarded with hateful messages, protests, and other bad PR that would have spoiled their otherwise exciting esports event. So now, the event is only taking place on their twitch channel. I certainly understand this move.

I don’t want to beat that story to death, but it’s pretty understandable why the significant change of venue and timing. Regardless. The battles have already begun, and only one two-man team can stand on top. I can only imagine what would happen if the Hong Kong team takes first place this time. Would they be given time to talk? Only time will tell.


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