Hearthstone Descent of Dragons Spoilers: Deathwing, Mad Aspect and a Whole Lot of Legendaries

by in Hearthstone | Nov, 8th 2019

We are just a few weeks away from Blizzard introducing players to the latest expansion in the beloved Hearthstone saga. The newest expansion looks to be a game-changer with an intense focus on dragon and dragon-adjacent cards that will be in the new set. Thankfully, we have tons Descent of Dragons spoilers to keep you busy leading up to the expansion’s release!

For our master list of all the spoilers leading up to the release of Hearthstone Descent of Dragons feel free to click here.

Latest Hearthstone Descent of Dragons Spoilers Introduce a Whole Lot of Legendaries

Announced just recently, Hearthstone Descent of Dragons is the final expansion that will be released for this year in the card game and it will bring the entire storyline of 2019 to a riveting close. That storyline is, of course, the battle between the League of Evil and the League of Explorers.

It all began earlier this year with the Rise of Shadows expansion where the League of Evil began its villainous deeds. It was doing well for itself, being able to steal the floating city of Dalaran until the League of Explorers took the leading role and challenged them in the recent Saviors of Uldum summer expansion.

That has since seen the two groups fighting over some haunted temples in the desert until the League of Evil just recently made it away with the Plague of Undeath. That has been used to resurrect Galakrond in preparation for the upcoming expansion that will be released next month.

Since the dragon Galakrond is back alive, it has understandably brought with it a ton of dragon friends in this new set. It makes sense, too, because Blizzard announced way back when that this would be the year for the dragons and it has been underwhelming thus far.

However, this expansion is set to change all of that with the release of a ton of dragon cards like Galakrond and more. For this particular latest batch of spoilers for the upcoming cards, this one post is going to be all about the legendary cards coming to the set including Deathwing, Mad Aspect and more.

Sathrovarr Is a Powerful Copy Cat


Today’s particular Descent of Dragons spoilers all begin with the legendary demon creature Sathrovarr. Interestingly enough, this specific legendary creature is not actually a dragon one after all, which is contrary to most of the creatures that we are going to cover in this post.

Sathrovarr is a very costly demon creature card that costs a massive nine mana to summon to the field. However, this is oddly met with some surprisingly awful stats of five attack and five health. The reason behind the bad stats is likely to keep the card balanced because of its strong ability.

Sathrovarr has a powerful battlecry ability that activates when it is summoned to the battlefield. It allows you to choose a friendly minion that you have. That selected minion will then be copied and the copy will be added to your hand, deck, and battlefield.

This is really crazy because you are not only getting one copy of a friendly minion but three of them. One of those copies will automatically be available on the battlefield while another will be ready to be summoned from your hand momentarily.

There really is no understating how strong Sathrovarr is in the upcoming metagame because this is a card that could allow you to end the match no matter how bad you were doing up until this point. It really just depends on the card that you choose to copy with the battlecry ability.

Presumably, you won’t be able to copy Sathrovarr itself but that could still be possible, in which case, we would have an insane combo train of copying over and over to fill the field. But what you can do is copy one of the many powerful other legendary creatures that have been recently spoiled like Nozdormu.

Nozdormu the Timeless Changes the Match Forever


Nozdormu the Timeless is the next legendary on this list of Descent of Dragons spoilers and is the first of the several dragons for us to go over. Nozdormu the Timeless is a legendary dragon creature card that costs four mana to summon to the field. At the same time, though, it is the opposite of Sathrovarr when it comes to stats.

Whereas the previous creature we went over had a high mana cost and lame stats, Nozdormu is really cheap given how strong its stats are. Though it only costs four mana to summon to the field, it arrives with the overwhelming stat as of eight attack and eight health.

These are endgame stats that you can have in only the fourth or so turn of the match. But like with Sathrovarr, there is some balancing thrown in there to ensure that this card doesn’t get too crazy and break the game entirely. This is due to its battlecry ability.

When Nozdormu the Timeless is summoned to the battlefield, it will set each player’s mana pool to 10 mana crystals. That is the max mana that you can normally have and basically makes the game go from the fourth or so turn to the endgame instantly.

This is an interesting way to balance out the fact that Nozdormu is so strong with its stats. Even still, for a turn or so, Nozdormu will have the chance to take advantage of your opponent possibly not being ready. This is a true game-changing card that we can’t wait to see how it affects metagame.

Waxadred Just Doesn’t Want to Die


Like with the past two cards that we detailed, Waxadred is a game-changing card that could either break the metagame even more or help it out in the end by balancing things out. Waxadred is another legendary dragon creature card that you can summon to the field for only five mana.

It has the pretty good stats for the relatively low mana cost at seven attack and five health. It also has an interesting deathrattle ability, rather than a battlecry one, that activates when it dies on the field. When Waxadred dies, you can shuffle a candle card into your deck then.

This candle card doesn’t really seem to serve any purpose beyond allowing you to bring back Waxadred from the dead when you draw the candle card from your deck. There seems to be some sort of intriguing lore here about this waxy dragon that can be brought back using just a candle.

What we get is a dragon creature that is basically immortal to an extent. You are guaranteed to get this creature back onto the field at some point but it does require some luck and patience to do so since you have to draw the right card.

A fascinating combination that we would like to see in the future is pairing the aforementioned Sathrovarr and Waxadred together. Sathrovarr could make several copies of Waxadred that is able to come back over and over. Suddenly, you’d have a legion of fairly strong immortal dragons in your deck.

Deathwing, Mad Aspect Brings Back the Calamity


Perhaps the most powerful legendary of them all that has been introduced thus far for the upcoming expansion in our next dragon. The Deathwing, Mad Aspect creature card is one that shouldn’t be overlooked. Deathwing, Mad Aspect is a legendary dragon creature card whose name you might recognize.

For those of you who have played the MMO World of Warcraft that is set in the same world as Hearthstone, you may know Deathwing as the destroyer dragon who brought about the cataclysm in the popular expansion for the fantasy game.

Deathwing is responsible for destroying much of the world of Azeroth and reshaping it forever. Whole continents and areas that were previously familiar became unfamiliar and different, and the lore for the game has never been the same ever since.

Well, Deathwing, Mad Aspect aims to bring that cataclysmic power to the card game as well in its truly legendary card. It costs eight mana to summon this card to the field and it arrives with the unbelievable stats of 12 attack and 12 health that will be hard to challenge in combat.

But it doesn’t stop there as it has a battlecry ability that is meant to balance the card out some but, honestly, just makes it even easier for the player who uses him to win the match. When you summon Deathwing to the field, it will immediately attack all other minions on the field.

This includes your own friendly minions and the enemy minions that are on the battlefield. It will attack one and all alike, likely dealing the massive 12 damage that it has for its stat against them. 12 damage is certainly enough to kill most minions that a player would have on the field instantly.

What this does is leave Deathwing in the aftermath of the cataclysm as the sole survivor on the field. This does give your opponent one chance or so to make a comeback after the destruction but we could certainly see this one play spelling the end for the opponent regardless.

Deathwing, Mad Aspect is best played when you have little to no minions left on the field or if you don’t need them anymore like they are going to die soon anyways. Destroying your own minions is meant to be a balance for this card but it is one that you can certainly work around with ease.

We can definitely see this legendary dragon card be banned at some point from Standard, depending on how the player uses it. After all, just think if a player was to use this card in conjunction with Sathrovarr and copy it three times. We will just have to wait and see for now.

Malygos, Aspect of Magic Helps You Become a Wizard


Following up on that grand masterpiece of a card is hard but Malygos, Aspect of Magic a solid Mage card that players will want to consider for their decks. This legendary dragon creature card costs five mana to summon to the field and it arrives with the stats of two attack and eight health.

Though it has pretty weak attack, it is balanced out by the surprisingly high health for a five-cost card. It also comes with a nice battlecry ability that activates upon summoning. If you are holding a dragon card when you summon this card, presumably in your hand, the ability will activate.

It will allow you to discover an upgraded Mage spell. Now, the discover keyword is one that is making a bit of a comeback in this expansion. What it does is let you choose between three options that will pop up for you. The upgraded Mage spell part is what is interesting to us.

Presumably, this means that you won’t just have three Mage spells to choose from but they will be more powerful versions of spells that you might already know or own in your deck. It would be nice to have some examples of what these possible spells could be but, alas, we will have to wait and see.

Depending on the spells that you get to choose from, it could change the match and give you a strong lead or turn things around for you. Unfortunately, this does mean that there is a bit of randomness to this card since there is no telling or guaranteeing what your options will be.

Regardless, there is some usefulness to Malygos, Aspect of Magic and it is even possible that you could come up with a spell that could counter a card like Deathwing and the others on this Descent of Dragons spoilers list.

We won’t have to wait too much longer to find out as the Hearthstone Descent of Dragons expansion is set to launch in just about a month on December 10. Players can go ahead and pre-order it right now through purchasing one of the two bundle options.


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