Hearthstone Classic Set Will Receive 8 New Cards Next Update

by in General | Jun, 25th 2019

Blizzard has revealed that the Hearthstone Classic set of cards will be receiving eight new cards with the next major update to the game. These eight new cards are poised as replacements for some of the various cards that have left the collection over the years since the game’s launch.

Why Cards Get Removed

It’s about time that Blizzard finally replaces those cards that were lost to the Hall of Fame. The reason behind the removal of the handful of cards from the Hearthstone Classic set was because of a couple of possible reasons. In some cases, the card was used too much and too overpowered.

In other cases, though, the card would limit how a player could customize their deck as they had to gear their deck towards applying that particular card. As such, this resulted in the removal of seven cards over the last couple of years as Blizzard began working towards a better metagame.

Just a few of the cards that have been sent to the Hall of Fame include Ragnaros the Firelord, Sylvanas Windrunner, Divine Favor, and many more. Last year, with the release of one of the expansions, Blizzard did make up for some of these losses by adding a few new cards.

But in reality, that wasn’t enough to really balance out the missing cards that many players had begun to rely on for their decks. To make up for this, there are eight new cards that will be joining the Hearthstone Classic set with the upcoming major update for the game.

When that update releases, players will be able to find these cards starting than in the Classic card packs available for purchase. Alternatively, players can simply craft the card(s) that they wish to add to their deck using Arcane Dust. Thankfully, Blizzard has already revealed all eight new cards, too.

All 8 New Hearthstone Classic Set Cards

Hearthstone Siegebreaker Classic Card

The first up is the Siegebreaker demon card. This creature costs a whopping seven mana to summon onto the battlefield and it has a five attack and eight health. It also has the taunt ability and will give any other demons you have on the field plus one to attack.

Another high cost card that is being added to the game is called Gift of the Wild. This spell card costs a whole eight mana to use and will give all of your minions on the field plus two attack and plus two health. In addition, it will also give all of them the taunt ability.

From there, the third new card added to the Hearthstone Classic set is also a spell card. Unlike Gift of the Wild, though, Righteousness only costs five mana to use. It has a simple function to it that gives all of your minions on the field Divine Shield, which if you didn’t know, reduces the next damage the minion takes to zero.

With its modest cost and useful ability, Righteousness is sure to be a highly useful card moving forward for many different decks. The fourth card is Brightwing, a lower cost creature that costs three mana to summon. It is a three and two monster whose Battlecry is to add a random legendary minion to your hand.

High Inquisitor Whitemane is the fifth card that will be added to the Hearthstone Classic set, costing seven mana to summon. She is a powerful six and eight creature card that has an equally impressive Battlecry that summons back all friendly minions who died that turn.

The sixth card to join the Classic set is the underwhelming Barrens Stablehand. This creature costs seven to summon but its stats and ability don’t really justify the price tag. It’s a four and four creature whose Battlecry summons a random beast card. That level of randomness doesn’t help this mediocre card.

On the other hand, SI: 7 Infiltrator is a much more useful monster that costs only four mana to summon and has great stats and ability. This five and four creature card has a Battlecry that destroys a random enemy secret.

Last but not least, spell card decks will appreciate the eighth and final new card Arcane Devourer. This creature costs an expensive eight mana to summon but it’s worth it for the right deck(s). Arcane Devourer is a five and five creature card with an ability that gives it plus two and two every time you cast a spell.

Overall, these are some solid cards that will certainly make many decks better in the long run. However, this does come at the cost of the Rogue and Priest classes losing a card each: Vanish and Mind Blast. Those two will be replaced by two new cards in the future, too.


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