New Hearthstone BEEEES!!! Card Takes a Cue From The Wicker Man

By Cody Perez

July 11, 2019


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Blizzard has revealed the latest card that will be joining the popular card battling game that will be arriving as part of the upcoming Saviors of Uldum expansion next month. The card is the new Hearthstone BEEEES!!! Druid card and it takes some clear inspiration from a certain movie scene.

We are just under a month away from the release of the new expansion Saviors of Uldum, which will be the second one this year after the devilish Rise of Shadows that saw the League of EVIL take control. In the build up to the release of the expansion, developer Blizzard is teasing some of the new cards.

Inspiration Behind the Druid Card

The latest card revealed today for players to check out is the bizarre but hilariously awesome Hearthstone BEEEES!!! Druid card. The card’s ability and its strange nomenclature is a direct reference to the 2006 Nicholas Cage movie The Wicker Man.

If you don’t know, The Wicker Man is a 2006 horror film that stars Nicholas Cage as he investigates an island filled with occultic inhabitants. Though it is meant to be a serious horror film, the acting of Cage and the terrible writing has earned it a cult following over the years as an unintentional comedy film.

This is largely due to the meme-worthy bees scene that takes place in the movie. Nicholas Cage is tortured by the folks who live on the island by subjecting him to countless bees attacking him. The writing and acting from Cage is hilarious as he screams “not the bees!” and other meme-like dialogue.

The popular scene has apparently inspired Blizzard to make a card that will make opponents scream the same words when it’s played. Well, that is if you are a Druid player since the card is exclusive to the Druid deck in the upcoming expansion.

Everything You Need to Know About the Hearthstone BEEEES!!! Card

This is no surprise since the Druid class is known for its use of nature and summoning various creatures to come help it out in battle. It’s just this time, the results are far more goofy and terrifying than ever before. The art of the card knows this, showing a giant bee monster attacking a poor goblin.

The name is interesting, too, clearly resembling someone screaming the word as in the case of The Wicker Man. There are also four “e’s” in the name of the card, a reference to the actual effects of the Druid card.

The Hearthstone BEEEES!!! Druid card costs a meager three mana to summon and its effect is a unique one to say the least. Like in the Nicholas Cage scene, it’s all about a swarm of bees attacking the opponent. The card itself isn’t a monster card but a spell card.

When you use the Hearthstone BEEEES!!! Druid card, you spend the three mana to select one enemy minion. Then a swarm of four bee cards that have one damage and one health will swoop in and attack the minion all at once. This essentially deals a total of four damage at the same time to one minion.

This emphasizes the Druid class’ ability to choose who to target and when to do it as the class is known for. The four damage at the cost of three mana is fairly weak considering that there are so many cards out there that do way better than that, but that doesn’t mean this is a terrible card.

For one, we don’t currently know if the four bee cards will stick around past the effects of the Hearthstone BEEEES!!! Druid spell card. For example, if the target only has three health and the first three bees sacrifice themselves to kill it, does the fourth surviving one stick around?

That’s a question that we don’t know the answer to quite just yet. After all, this could be a spell where the bees show up and then disappear immediately after serving their function, regardless of whether or not they survive the onslaught of stinging.

It would certainly make sense for them to disappear, though, given that some bees are known to die after using their stinger against a foe. However, not all hope is lost for this card since there is the fact that all four bees do get rush and are able to attack right then.

In addition, there is the likelihood that there are other cards in the new expansion that will exemplify this card and make it better. Perhaps there is a card that increases the strength of the bees that will make them go from having just one damage each to more than that.

Even doubling the amount of damage that each bee in the swarm can do would make this card excellent as it would go from a total of four damage to eight, putting most enemy minions in the danger zone and making this three mana card a useful addition to the Druid collection.

We won’t know for sure, though, until Blizzard reveals more about what the cards will be in the new expansion. We won’t have to wait too much longer, thankfully, as the developer is frequently revealing more cards in the lead up to the expansion release next month.

Be sure to stay tuned right here as we cover everything that you need to know about the expansion. The Saviors of Uldum expansion releases next month on August 6, 2019. It will feature the League of Explorers as they attempt to take on the League of EVIL and save the world.


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