Hearthstone Announces Forbidden Library Update

by in Hearthstone | Sep, 4th 2020

Who would have thought that a school that employs someone like Kel’thuzad would have dangerous secrets and forbidden knowledge? Certainly not us – he seems like a perfectly normal Headmaster that would never set a chain of events in motion to disrupt Azeroth for decades to come. However, on that note, the latest update for Hearthstone has been announced: Forbidden Library. That’s not entirely at odds with our stance on Kel’thuzad, nope.

What awaits us in this next update, though?

A New Solo-Adventure and More

This all goes down on Sept. 8. with several weeks of excellent, limited-time content in the Hearthstone Forbidden Library update. Perhaps one of the more interesting parts of the update is the Battlegrounds update, featuring new Scholomance Heroes. Lord Barov, Jaundice Barov, and Forest Warden Omu all descend into the Battlegrounds. They’re right on time for a new update too, Battlegrounds Parties. You can invite up to seven other players into a lobby. You can also queue for Ranked Battlegrounds in groups of up to four players, or host private games between five to eight players. There are no excuses now. Find out who is the best in your playgroup.

Forbidden Library rolls forward on Sept. 15 with Hearthstone’s latest solo adventure: Book of Heroes: Jaina Solo Adventure. One of the most iconic mages in the Warcraft franchise has to be Jaina Proudmoore, and she’s the star of this show. We learn more about how she became the powerful spellcaster she is in this Free solo adventure. That’s right, free! What’s not to like? Hearthstone: Book of Heroes will bring fresh, free single-player content over the next twelve months, revealing the stories of all ten core Heroes.

Those who complete Jaina’s story will receive 1 Mage Pack, featuring only Mage cards for Standard Hearthstone. Heroic Brawliseum is another fun addition coming on Sept. 23. That’s right; it’s back! Construct a deck from your collection, and battle against other Brawlers until 12 losses or three defeats are had. The rewards are also based on how well you do. Heroic Brawliseum costs 1000 Gold or $9.99. Depending on how you do, you could win Dust, Gold, Card Packs, or perhaps even Golden Legendary cards.

Since the focus is on Mages, there’s also going to be the “Scholar Jaina Bundle” to pick up. This offers the Scholar Jaina Hero Skin, as well as five Mage Packs. This bundle becomes available from Sept. 15-22. One final unlock for a limited time will be available from Sept. 22-29: Magic of Dalaran Card Back. Previously only available as a seasonal reward in June 2017, it’s available for a limited time.

The full patch notes can be found here. Don’t miss out on all the limited excitement coming to Hearthstone when Forbidden Library drops next week!


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