Hearthstone Unveils Halloween Doom in the Tomb Event

by in Hearthstone | Oct, 7th 2019

Blizzard has unveiled the next event for players to enjoy in Hearthstone and it is a Halloween limited-time event. The spooky event will be arriving this week and go on for a few weeks until the end of October. Players will have the chance to enjoy some spooky card action and Tavern Brawls until then.

Hearthstone Doom in the Tomb Event Revealed

The Hearthstone Doom in the Tomb limited-time event will introduce three Tavern Brawls over the course of its three weeks, bring back some fan favorite old cards to Standard, and much more. Players will not want to miss out on this exciting, one-of-a-kind seasonal event this month.

It all starts with the Hearthstone Doom in the Tomb event kicking off this week on Tuesday, October 8 at 10 am PT and it will go for three weeks until Wednesday, October 30 at 9 am PT. Oddly enough, the event won’t be finishing on Halloween day itself as you would expect.

Regardless, there are three weeks of spooky adventures that are themed around the Haunted Temple of Uldum. The fall expansion that is set in the desert region has started to wind down the craziness of the fight between the League of Explorers and League of Evil.

We recently saw the conclusion of the solo adventure Tombs of Terror and the end of the fight between the heroes and the villains. Or, so we thought at least. This limited-time event is going to see the heroes and villains take each other again but this time in a more lighthearted way it seems.

The Haunted Temple of Uldum contains many valuable treasures within it and Reno Jackson and the League of Explorers are trying to uncover them. At the same time, though, Rafaam and the League of Evil are also interested in getting their hands on whatever it is lurking in the haunted temple.

While the two leagues will be battling it out to find out who will walk away with the greatest prizes of all, the Headless Horseman is here to make the stakes even higher by opening up a sealed sarcophagus that is going to unleash a ton of wild terrors into the popular card game.

Doom in the Tomb Week 1 Details

Hearthstone Doom in the Tomb Ancient Mysteries Card

It all begins tomorrow with the release of the first of three Tavern Brawls that are going to be in the game for a week or so. The first one is simply called Hearthstone Doom in the Tomb Part 1 and will offer players the chance to take on the role of their favorite member of the League of Evil.

Your task is, like usual, to defeat a plethora of big baddies that are making the haunted temple their home. The difference this time around is that you are timed for this adventure and you will need to defeat them as fast as you possibly can to take home some of the awesome prizes.

If you can complete the run in under one hour in total, you will receive a free card pack in the game. If you can do better than that, though, and beat the whole run in under 40 minutes, you will receive a free golden common Ancient Mysteries card.

Doom in the Tomb Part 2 Details

Hearthstone Doom in the Tomb Temple Berserker Card

That first of the three Tavern Brawls in the event will last for around a week or so before Hearthstone Doom in the Tomb Part 2 will begin. In this second Tavern Brawl, players will switch allegiances from allying themselves with the League of Evil to partnering up with the heroes.

This time around, you will need to join with Reno and the League of Explorers to once again dive through the haunted temple and defeat some bad guys as fast as possible. This time around, there will be new rewards and enemies as well for players to see in the Tavern Brawl.

The same general rule applies, though, of having two main rewards that you can get from the event that will require you to complete the adventure in the fastest time possible. If you can complete the run in under an hour, you will receive a golden common Temple Berserker card.

However, if you can take it one step further and complete the Tavern Brawl in under 40 minutes, you will receive the golden rare Generous Mummy card for your collection. This second Tavern Brawl in the event will last for another week or so before paving the way for the third and final brawl.

The Haunted Carousel Tavern Brawl Details

Week three of the event will see The Haunted Carousel Tavern Brawl arrive for a week. In this one, players will be taking on a challenge that is far different from the previous two that were focused solely on doing everything in a fast time.

Players will instead have to get ready for a more strategic Tavern Brawl where players will need to deal with minions that are constantly rotating positions around the board. At the same time, though, they will be controlling the Dreadsteeds in the match as well.

In fact, the Dreadsteeds are tied directly into how players can receive rewards for this final Tavern Brawl. Summon 100 of these creatures that have the low stats of one/one but a mana cost of four during the week the Tavern Brawl is available will grant players a nice new card pack to open.

While the event is going on, players can use 23 older cards that were removed from the Standard play and put into the wild. There are some truly crazy cards that will be returning just for this event and players can look forward to them in the future.

23 Wild Cards Return to Standard Play

The 23 cards come from across the history of the game itself and will be available until the next major update for the game after the event starts. You can use them in the Standard play format, which is sure to shake things up considerably and have players on their toes.

To keep things even and make sure that everyone is on the same page, every single player will be given access to free copies of all 23 cards that are being brought back into the fold. These cards are temporary, of course, and will be removed from the player’s collection at the end of the event.

This way, though, players are all on equal footing and can battle it out in Standard without worrying about someone with an impressive card like Ragnaros the Firelord having the unfair advantage over you. Though the cards are being introduced with this event, they will remain in the game a bit past the conclusion of the event.

Full List of 23 Wild Cards

There are two cards per class that are available for players to use in the game plus five more neutral cards that are coming back. You can find the full list of cards that are available below plus expect our breakdown of these cards in the future.

Full List

  • Astral Communion: Druid
  • Kun the Forgotten King: Druid
  • Babbling Book: Mage
  • Flamewaker: Mage
  • Mysterious Challenger: Paladin
  • Avenge: Paladin
  • Lock and Load: Hunter
  • Call of the Wild: Hunter
  • Evolve: Shaman
  • Thing from Below: Shaman
  • Shaku, the Collector: Rogue
  • Swashburglar: Rogue
  • Lightbomb: Priest
  • Vol’jin: Priest
  • Imp Gang Boss: Warlock
  • Renounce Darkness: Warlock
  • Varian Wrynn: Warrior
  • Bloodhoof Brave: Warrior
  • N’Zoth, the Corruptor
  • Sylvanas Windrunner
  • Ragnaros the Firelord
  • The Curator
  • Emperor Thaurissan

Just a couple of the cards that players can look forward to using again soon include the famous Sylvanas Windrunner and Emperor Thaurissan. These two are just some of the very powerful cards that, understandably, have been removed from Standard play.

Sylvanas Windrunner, for instance, is a legendary creature card that costs six mana to summon to the field and has the almost equal stats of five and five each. This is coupled with the impressive death rattle ability that she has that activates when she dies on the battlefield.

When this happens, you will take control of a random enemy minion. This is extremely useful as you will suddenly have potentially a powerful minion at your disposal to replace Sylvanas. You can see how this could be overpowered since she died somehow, and it is possible you’ll take control of that very creature that did her in.

On the other hand, we have another powerful card in the form of Emperor Thaurissan who is also a legendary creature that costs six mana to summon to the field and has the good stats of five and five. However, he has a very different ability that can be used every single turn.

Whenever each of your turns end while you have this Emperor on the field, the mana cost of the cards that are currently in your hand will be reduced by one. This happens every turn he is on the field so you could see some powerful cards be suddenly usable much earlier on in the match within a couple of turns.

New Dual Class Arenas, Discounts, More

Beyond the 23 cards that are returning to the game, players can also look forward to dual class arenas. These arenas, as the name implies, allows the player to embody two classes at once rather than just one plus the usual neutral cards that you have access to.

Players who happen to have an arena run going on when this new arena drops will receive an arena ticket as compensation to make up for it. Weeks one and two of the event will reward players with free tickets so they can check it out without spending any currency or money.

Speaking of spending real money, there are some discounts coming soon that are for the two most recent expansions. There really is no better time to catch up on the latest two expansions with the Hex and Flex Bundle. The Hex bundle is on sale now for a discounted price of $19.99 USD.

It comes with 20 card packs from the recent Rise of Shadows expansion plus a random legendary card that comes from that set. 20 packs is quite a lot for that cheap price so this is a great deal if you haven’t had the chance to get some cards from the League of Evil-themed set.

The Flex bundle does the same thing but for the most recent expansion to release for the game: Saviors of Uldum. Players can purchase this bundle for $19.99 USD and it also comes with 20 card packs from the set plus a random legendary card.

But if you don’t have the money to spend right now, there are some more free rewards to look forward to soon. Starting with the release of the Doom in the Tomb event, players will be able to take on a new legendary quest that will unlock at the start of each new week.

These new quests will replace an existing normal quest that you have available so be sure to have an open spot when it goes live or run the risk of losing a possible quest. These legendary quests are worth doing, too, as they reward you with either card packs from the latest sets or a hefty sum of gold.

At the same time as those, there are some epic login rewards that players will be able to collect just for showing up for the Hearthstone Doom in the Tomb event. If you login anytime between October 8 when the event starts and the end of it on October 30, you will be rewarded with two card packs from Saviors of Uldum, two more card packs from Rise of Shadows, and one from Rastakhan’s Rumble.


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