Hasanabi Calls Trainwrecks a Degenerate for Twitch Gambling Streams

by in Entertainment | Jul, 21st 2021

Gambling streams are really blowing up on Twitch and Hasanabi has called out Trainwrecks for his. Hasan “Hasanabi” Piker called Tyler “Trainwrecks” Niknam a “degenerate” and accused him of being addicted to gambling. Trainwrecks might claim his gambling streams are the most authentic on Twitch, but that doesn’t stop Hasanabi from calling the other streamer out for being (and having) a serious problem. Even though Trainwrecks often tells people to not gamble, he’s still a very popular figure, highlighting a very addictive practice – gambling.

Trainwrecks is in a League of His Own

At the very least, Trainwrecks has an older audience, compared to some of the other gambling streams – Adin Ross, xQc. Younger audiences are far more impressionable. But highlighting your gambling addiction in the way that he has is pretty dangerous and unhealthy. In a recent stream, Hasanabi had this to say about Trainwrecks’ Twitch gambling streams:

“He has an older audience and he’s a f**king degenerate. People aren’t going, like, ‘I’m going to do everything that Train is doing, I love him,’ like they do with Adin Ross and xQc. Also, he’s personally and unironically addicted to gambling already.”

He didn’t explain in the clip why Trainwrecks is a degenerate though. Quite a few streamers have already spoken out about Trainwrecks’ serious gambling streams, and Hasanabi is just one of them. Trainwrecks has even had fans speak out in worry about his gambling, leading to the streamer responding with people who are “not financially secure” shouldn’t tell him what to do. He went on a profanity-filled tirade about, which he later apologized for.

Sure, Trainwrecks has an absolute mountain of money. Nobody is arguing that. But it’s the constant gambling streams, and the response he had about people suggesting he stop could mean he’s an addict. At the very least, some of the other streamers like Hasanabi sure think so. Gambling addiction is a very serious, powerful addiction, and there are always help groups a phone call away if you or someone you know has a gambling addiction.


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