Hasan Catches Third Twitch Ban, Allegedly For Using “Cracker” During Stream

by in Entertainment | Dec, 14th 2021

Popular Twitch streamer Hasan has caught another ban on the platform, but the reason hasn’t been revealed quite yet. It’s being alleged that his use of the word “cracker”, in his streams. At the time of his ban, he had 40,000+ viewers online, while he watched clips on his stream. The reason people think it’s his use of cracker is that he uses it in his streams, and of his viewers feel it’s a “hateful slur.” His response about the use of the word led to a brief rant. While it’s not 100% confirmed why Hasan was banned, he claims it’s exactly what it’s being alleged about.

A Debate On The Word “Cracker”

According to Hasan himself, the third Twitch ban was because of the use of that word. He said it’s because of “Anti White racism for using the term ‘cracker’”. On December 12th, the debate was whether “cracker” is a slur, and Hasan laughed, saying it isn’t. Not everyone agrees with this, but this did ultimately lead to Hasan’s third Twitch ban:

“Shut the f**k up,” Piker said in response to someone telling him to stop using the word. “Stop crying about this f**king term. Recognize the person who’s calling you a f**king cracker is literally powerless. Sorry, it’s just the truth. They’re doing it as someone who has been historically oppressed, blowing off steam. You can see it’s infantilizing or whatever the f***k, but that’s reality.”


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