Halo Streamer Fakes His Own Death

by in General | Jan, 30th 2020

It’s one thing for someone to create a clickbait video to generate views and revenue for themselves, but it’s another entirely to fake your death to get sympathy. Sadly, it happened with Halo pro and streamer Chris “Ozarts.” Over the weekend, the Halo streamer faked his own death to get attention and scam users on GoFundMe out of their money.

Fake News or Real?

On Sunday afternoon after Ozarts made a Twitlonger post in which he thanked his fans and his org, EMGG, for supporting him. He then discussed problems he’s faced over the last couple of months.

He described how he recently lost the job that helped him get back on his feet and that his girlfriend broke up with him. Ozarts went into detail about his long-time struggles with suicide, stating,

“I’ve struggled with suicide for some time now. My last attempt was during UGC Daytona a few years ago. Not that it matters. But the past couple of weeks the thoughts have come back into my head. I honestly don’t want to be around anymore. But I promise you that I am seeking help. For what it’s worth. But at the same time, I really don’t want to get help. I’ve lived a good life I guess. Actually I lied. So there’s that. I recently tried to commit suicide. I had to re-edit this so many fucking times this is so hard for me to write as I lay here. So sorry.”

After thanking EMGG for supporting him and claiming this would be his “final message on this earth,” His Twitter account went dark. It caused major concern amongst his fans and supporters that he may have killed himself.

A Twitter user “hooverJmac,” claiming to be a family member, posted Ozarts shot himself and was in surgery at the hospital and prayed he pulls through.

A GoFundMe page appeared shortly after asking for donations to help cover his medical costs and possible funeral expenses if he didn’t make it, quickly reaching over $1,000.

While fans initially grieved at the possibility of losing Ozarts, grief turned to anger after a man by the name of Sam Miller commented on Twitter and revealed that the “hooverJmac” account used his photo and that Ozarts was fine the whole time.

He revealed his cousin facetimed with Ozarts shortly after hearing the news. The Twitter account was fake and ran by Ozarts. He set up the GoFundMe page to get pity donations for himself and build clout.

Not the First Time

This wasn’t the first time Ozarts or the hoover account he created did this. He did this repeatedly over the last several years, only driving further fury at him for creating this lie.

The hoover account got deleted quickly. Fans demanded a refund for their donations, seemingly allowing Ozarts to get off scot-free until EMGG CEO Zimm stepped in. The org apologized to fans for what Ozarts did and promised to refund every GoFundMe donation as quickly as possible.

The org’s CEO later posted video evidence of the refunds going through and messages with GoFundMe confirming it. He also asked fans to not hate on Ozarts for what happened. He revealed through the EMGG Twitter account that Ozarts would seek professional help for problems he was having.

EMGG handled this situation incredibly well and professionally. However, it’s hard to not be upset at Ozarts for orchestrating the most heinous attempts at clout and scamming fans. Hopefully, the professional help he receives prevents him from considering such an insane stunt again, both for his sake and the sake of his followers.


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