Halo Infinite Modders Make Pelican Flyable, New Vehicles

by in General | Nov, 24th 2021

Halo Infinite has only been out for a little over a week now, at least in the case of the Infinite multiplayer beta portion, but that has not stopped the modding community from doing its divine work of changing up the game. The Halo Infinite modders have already implemented some impressive work in such a short period of time. 

Halo Infinite Modders Are Already Implementing Vehicles

One particularly popular Halo modder, RejectedShotgun, posted some new videos about the recent mods that they were able to come up with in the last week or so that the multiplayer beta has been around. The first video that went up about Infinite showcased some fine vehicle work in multiplayer.

Interestingly enough, the YouTuber noted in the description for their first Halo Infinite video that the modding tools are similar enough in the game to past titles that they were able to fairly easily get in there and start modifying the game without too much trouble at all. 

Of course, being that the content creator was among the first of the Halo Infinite modders in the community to attempt something like this, it only made sense that they started with a true classic: modifying the Pelican that exists in the backend of Halo Infinite. 

Though the Pelican is not actually present in the multiplayer for any reason at all, that does not mean that the classic Halo vehicle is not actually in the files for the game. In fact, given that it likely shares many, if not all, of the same files with the main singleplayer story campaign in Halo Infinite, it is no surprise that the Pelican was found in the backend of the game. 

Pelican Is Playable in Multiplayer Through Mods

With just those files in Halo Infinite alone, it did not take long for the Halo Infinite modders out there to make some fast work to modify the game’s multiplayer beta experience. In the first video from RejectedShotgun, the content creator showed off the Halo Infinite rendition of the Pelican in action, controlling the vehicle in battle. 

The modder is seen going onto one of the maps, which looks to be Highpower and then spawning the Pelican vehicle onto the map. The ship is just there waiting for the player to hop into and then start driving around the map like this is something that is supposed to happen in the game. 

At the start, though, before they hop into the Pelican and show it off, they walk around the ship and admire the design. Like the other vehicles in Halo Infinite, 343 Industries really pushed the boundaries of the graphics to make this the best-looking game in the series by a long shot. 

In the case of the Pelican in Halo Infinite, it has an intense level of detail that is available for it, including on the outside of the drop ship and even inside of it where the soldiers will sit and wait for the pilot to bring them into the action. 

Once the YouTuber got into the air, they were able to maneuver the ship around and show off how it handles. It definitely seems like 343 wants the players to eventually be able to use the ship since it handles quite well and looks great while soaring around the skies. 

Not only can you soar up and down with ease, but the Pelican is even able to do some fancy maneuvers like drifting and sharp turns that seem pretty impressive for such a bulky ship. When it comes to landing the Pelican, it has its own animations like moving the tires down to touch the ground and opening up the hatch to let the players hop in or out of the ship.

Banished Phantom Ship Also Playable Through Mods

If that was not enough on its own, the content creator just released another video that is showing them on the Deadlock map, now showing off the Banished’s Phantom ship. This special red version of the Phantom can similarly be piloted, like the Pelican.

It is similarly great to handle in the skies, similar to how the Banshee handles in some ways, but on an obviously larger scale. However, what is great about the Phantom compared to the Pelican is the fact that there are a couple of turrets that are usable on the vehicle itself that players can use while someone else pilots the ship. 

However, the Halo Infinite modders do not stop there as there is even more that is happening in the community with the prominent modder Gamecheat13 doing their own work. This time, though, instead of just taking an existing file in the game and using it in a video, they have created an original. 

Halo Infinite Modders Also Recreate the Tank Hog

The modder has created their own hybrid vehicle that is a mix of the immensely iconic Marine vehicles, Scorpion and Warthog, to make the classic Tank Hog modded vehicle. This is a modded vehicle that we have seen in past Halo games and now it is back and in action, but with a fresh take. 

The Tank Hog is a bit of an unnerving vehicle to look at, but at least the Halo Infinite version of it is stunningly detailed and kind of nice to look at. Essentially what it does is take the bottom, main portion of the Warthog and mount the tank’s head cannon on top of it. 

This created a seemingly imbalanced but extremely useful and powerful version of the Warthog that is able to ride around as fast as it usually does but with the added firepower from the entire tank cannon that is up top. The player controlling the Warthog can fully control the Scorpion cannon, just like if they were in the actual tank itself. 

This means fully moving the camera and tank cannon around while driving the Warthog and blasting enemies apart with these powerful shots. It is quite impressive that the user was already able to not only find the files, implement them into multiplayer, but actually mod the vehicles to blend together into this Frankenstein’s Warthog madness. 

Some in the community are actually wondering if the files of these vehicles being in the multiplayer could be an indicator of them being available for the Forge mode when it finally releases, which is possible. It is also possible that they are just there from the campaign files where players might be able to pilot them.

And then there is also the fact that the Phantom and Pelican would work quite well in a battle royale mode, perhaps as the drop ships at the start of the match or even an aerial vehicle that squads are able to use to get around a massive map. However, we do know that battle royale is not currently in the cards for Halo Infinite, so that might be very unlikely for now. 


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