Halo Infinite is Fixing Slow Battle Pass XP Progression

by in General | Nov, 30th 2021

Halo Infinite is a blast, but the slow Battle Pass XP is absolutely awful. The only thing that’s worse in the game right now is cheaters. Sure, people can fill up the Battle Pass by the time it expires, but it’s going to require either very clever work or incredibly tedious grinding. Right now, you can only gain XP for the Halo Infinite Battle Pass by completing in-game challenges or using XP Boosts. Sure, you get neat rewards, but there just isn’t a lot of room to level your Battle Pass, and that’s a shame. 343 Industries has now spoken about the Battle Pass progression and will be making some changes. The community has been incredibly outspoken about how awful they feel it is.

Change is Coming to Halo Infinite

Earlier in November, there was talk of changes to the Halo Infinite Battle Pass XP gain. This included a “Play 1 Game” challenge, to make progress a little easier, and stated there would be some adjustments made in the future. Fast forward a few weeks, and the complaints have not settled down at all. There were frustrating game challenges that were adjusted or otherwise removed, and Double XP Boosts from the Battle Pass itself were also lengthened (1 hour, as opposed to 30 minutes).

These aren’t the only necessary changes being made to the Halo Infinite Battle Pass Xp gain. John Junyszek returned to Twitter to discuss the new changes being made, earlier this morning:


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