Halo Infinite Craig Meme Discovered in the Story Campaign

by in General | Nov, 22nd 2021

Craig is a symbol for Halo Infinite, not only becoming a meme in his own right about a year ago, but also showcasing everything that was wrong with the game’s initial reveal. As such, it looks like developer 343 Industries realizes this with the newly discovered Halo Infinite Craig meme.

Halo Infinite Craig Meme Discovered In-Game

The Halo Infinite Craig meme was found by the YouTuber Mint Blitz who recently posted a video about it on their YouTube channel while exploring the single-player story campaign in the game. With early access to the campaign via Microsoft, the user shared a clip of what they recently found.

At the start of the fourth mission in the main campaign’s story, there is a huge tower that is involved with the mission on the map. What the YouTuber did to find the Halo Infinite Craig meme was to use the new grappling hook in the game to get all the way to the top of the tower.

When the content creator reached the tower in the video, they showed off the Halo Infinite Craig meme Easter egg that they found up there. The entire top of the tower is dedicated to the old Brute pal, showing that 343 definitely has a comedic and humble side to it.

We find out that from the Halo Infinite Craig meme Easter egg area that the most famous Brute of them all is seemingly not going to be in the game like he was in the initial gameplay reveal trailer. Instead, it looks like he has found himself a new career at this time.

Craig Has a New Life as a Rockstar

Instead of being the Brute that gets a punch to the face and plenty of Halo Infinite Craig memes all across the internet, he has used his newfound fame to start a new life as a rockstar. The entire Easter egg atop the tower is an homage to his new career and what he is up to now.

Players will be able to find atop the tower a poster that reveals the new Zeta Halo Tour that Craig is hosting soon and some of the hit songs that he will be performing there. Hilariously enough, some of these hit songs include self-referential meme lines like Popped in the Chin By My Friend and My Mom Used to Love Me.

With song titles like that, it is no wonder that Craig has become the first Brute rockstar in the Halo universe that we know of. Furthermore, the fun does not stop there as his massive space guitar is also available and melee hitting it will cause it to make a strumming sound for a brief moment.

There is also an actual copy of his vinyl record from his latest album and players can interact with this item to look at the back of it. On the back of the album, there is a decent bit of text that requires the player to zoom in to be able to read it.

Craig Easter Egg Area Includes a Classic Halo Skull

Fortunately, the YouTuber did that in the short gameplay video, revealing the heartfelt message and possibly lyrics from one of his songs where he talks about having no beard and becoming a meme overnight. It is a great moment for 343 as the developer acknowledges the Halo Infinite Craig meme in a fantastic way.

However, the Halo Infinite Craig meme Easter egg area does not stop there as there is a great reason why all players should try to find this location in the story campaign when they play it. One of the classic Halo skull collectibles is actually found in this area, which when activated, will grant some gameplay changes to the open-world Halo campaign.

If you are an achievement hunter and/or a fan of finding all of the skulls in Halo games, this is a place that you will definitely want to visit when the full game releases. Overall, the Halo Infinite Craig meme Easter egg area is a welcome one that really shows a change in look for 343.

This Easter Egg Meme Shows a Great Look for 343 Industries

At the time of the initial gameplay reveal for the campaign around a year ago, the internet was afire with either disappointment for what was shown there, goofs about the Craig meme, or both. It was a rough time for the developer and one that took a year to recover from in order to bring the changes that fans expected from this long-running and beloved FPS series.

While he made 343 and Halo Infinite the punchline in many jokes and memes around social media for a long time, it had a positive outcome in giving the team the chance to earn time to work on the game some more over the past year until it is in the finished place it is now.

With release just a few weeks away, fans will not have to wait too much longer to find out more for themselves what the single-player story campaign is like in Master Chief’s latest adventure. In the meantime, the YouTuber has early access to the title and will be sharing more gameplay clips and details in the coming weeks.

Also in the meantime, players have the chance to play Halo Infinite for themselves, though it does not include the story campaign. The multiplayer is currently in its beta format, with everything that will be at launch already available for free.

The best part is that progression carries over, so this is essentially the early access launch for the multiplayer side of Infinite for players to enjoy to its fullest without having to wait for the full release date that is coming up soon. Halo Infinite’s singleplayer campaign will launch on December 8, 2021.


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