Halo Infinite Campaign Footage, Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed

by in General | Oct, 25th 2021

Halo Infinite is coming out in a little over a month from now. We are finally getting the deep dive into the singleplayer campaign that we have been waiting for. The Halo Infinite campaign length, overview, pre-order bonuses, and more have just been revealed this week. 

Halo Infinite Campaign Overview Revealed

The overall Halo Infinite campaign length and more have been revealed in the campaign overview trailer that dropped today, Monday, October 25, 2021. With just over a month to go until the game’s release on December 8, 2021, we are finally getting our latest look at the story campaign. 

This is the first time we had seen this much footage since around a year ago, when the much-maligned first gameplay was revealed for the upcoming sixth mainline entry in the series. Overall, we have to say that our impressions, and much of the community’s, are overwhelmingly positive now.

Without a doubt, the overview trailer for the Master Chief story campaign looks much better than when we originally saw it, showing an improved gameplay experience in the time since then. This gives us hope that the game is finally ready to release, and it looks great at the same time. 

The trailer is just over six minutes in length, showcasing a wide variety of aspects of the game. For the most part, it tries to cover the basics of the gameplay, world, exploration, different objectives that you will have, and the enemies that you will be fighting across the setting of this experience. 

As we already know, the singleplayer campaign will be sold and kept mostly separate from the online multiplayer experience. We have had plenty of opportunities to check it out in the past. That said, Infinite is ensuring enough content to warrant the $60 price tag for it alone. 

The next mainline game will feature Master Chief embarking on a journey across the Zeta Halo, an open-world experience of a kind that will be completely different from anything we’ve seen in the game to date. 

The Banished, the Halo ring has been overtaken, a faction of Covenant led by Brutes who have their agenda. Here’s everything that we have found out about the Halo Infinite campaign length and overview through this reveal trailer, ranging from the pre-order bonuses to the vehicles to the enemy types and much more. 

Halo Infinite Campaign Length: How Long to Beat It?

The overview trailer begins by dropping a bomb on players by hinting at the Halo Infinite campaign length. From the trailer’s narration, we find out that this will be the biggest Halo campaign to date, bigger than anything that we have seen from the series until now. 

Now, of course, that could mean a lot for the overall Halo Infinite campaign length, but we do take that to mean that it will be significantly larger than the other games in the series. After all, the multiplayer is free while the campaign is not (unless you have Game Pass), so it needs to justify that pricing model. 

In all honesty, though, it is not that hard for the Halo Infinite campaign length to be the longest around. After all, the beefiest singleplayer campaigns, without a doubt, are Halo Combat Evolved and Halo 2, depending on how you play and the difficulty you are on. 

In my opinion, Halo 2 is the longest just because of the sheer difficulty and breadth of later levels, but they both are generally no more than around 10 hours to complete all of the missions. This is a fairly short campaign length compared to other singleplayer games. 

It stands to reason that the Halo Infinite campaign length will be much more than 10 hours since it is an open world that you will be able to explore and complete optional objectives alongside the main missions. In the end, we expect that it is going to be significantly more hours than just 10. 

We would not be surprised if the Halo Infinite campaign length ends around 20 hours, if not more if you are a completionist and play on a greater difficulty. But for those just looking to play the main content in the campaign, based on our speculation about the possible length. 

Pre-Order Bonuses for the Campaign

When it comes to getting bang for your buck, the Halo Infinite campaign will certainly do that. If you are an active Game Pass subscriber, you can pick up Halo Infinite’s singleplayer campaign and the free-to-play online multiplayer at no extra charge when it releases. 

But, some players are not Game Pass subscribers at this time, have lapsed subscriptions, or would like to have a physical, permanent copy of one of the latest games in one of their favorite series alongside the Game Pass subscription that they already have. 

Since it is essentially “free” to Game Pass subscribers, or at least for a solid price compared to the $60 price tag you would pay for the full version, many retailers in the United States are offering impressive pre-order bonuses to warrant the purchase. 

While some game copies from Amazon and GameStop are pretty blah from what we know at this time with just the regular copy, other places like Best Buy, Target, and Walmart are offering some excellent pre-order bonuses to make the purchase worth it. 

When it comes to Best Buy, they have a few extra goodies that you can purchase, including the free steelbook version of the game that might be worth it alone for the collectors out there and also $10 rewards credit from the My Best Buy members program if you are in it, which is free to sign up for. 

You are simply getting the free steelbook version of the game for the Target pre-orders, so there is that. On the Walmart side, this is probably the most impressive pre-order bonus with the steelbook version and a free Mega Construx Halo Helmet in one of three possible colors. 

Not to mention, there is the chance that Walmart might have the game cheaper than other retailers as that has been commonly happening in my experience with new games lately, at least on launch day. 

Vehicles, Customization Options

Moving to what is new in the campaign overview trailer for Halo Infinite, there are the vehicles that we can see in the six minutes. You can expect all of the usual vehicles that are popular in the series, like the Ghost, Warthog, Scorpion tank, Banshee, and others. 

One of the most notable parts of the campaign overview trailer is that it does show that the game is taking some parts of the previous mainline title, Halo 5: Guardians, and introducing it here, like with the Wasp flying human vehicle. 

One of the ways that players will be able to get vehicles in the campaign outside of commandeering them from enemies is to head to a vehicle station and summon one. A friendly ship will then recklessly drop the vehicle down for you to use. In the menu for the system, we can see confirmation of the Mongoose also being in the campaign.

There are plenty of customizations for Master Chief that you will be able to upgrade throughout the campaign to tailor him to your liking. Players will get points that they will be able to play into the abilities tree to upgrade various aspects of your loadout and better your chances of defeating the Banished. 

Master Chief will have access to the various abilities that are in the online multiplayer side, like the Grappleshot, Drop Wall, Thrusters, and more. These will be customizable with upgrades to make them even better and more helpful in combat. 

The Grappleshot, in particular, looks amazing with moments in the trailer like grappling to an enemy to melee them and finish them off, and even a brilliant moment where Chief hops out of his Banshee to rocket launch an enemy one and then grapple to a third one to hijack it before he crashes into the ground below. 


With these new gameplay systems thrown in there, you will want some enemies to use it on. While the game hints at more traditional setpiece missions that you will be able to complete, much of the trailer is honing in on the open world of the Halo ring and what you can do in it. 

The Banished, for instance, are setting up various strongholds and outposts that you will be able to take down to clear off the open-world tactical map optionally. These function similarly to other open-world games, like Far Cry, where it is up to you to destroy the objectives and enemies there. 

Throughout the trailer, we get a few glimpses at some of the possible ways that you might use to take down an outpost on the map. There are some objectives on the outpost that you must destroy to complete it, and it is up to you how you go about doing this. 

One such example is using a rocket launcher from far away to blow apart the large pillars that are some of the objectives for the outpost before moving in and then taking the fight directly to the Banished enemies. Another option is simply running in there with your vehicle, guns blazing, and wasting no time at all. 

Still another option that we see, though, is a player using a sniper rifle to pick off the Banished enemies around the outpost for a more stealthy approach to the fight. With the various customization options in place, it looks like there will be plenty of choices given to the player in these outposts segments. 

Who Is the New Halo Harbinger of Truth?

Then there is the actual story of the Halo Infinite campaign. It is still a bit hidden in the trailer, but we get glimpses of it here and there. For one, we know that it picks up after the soldier saves Master Chief, and he is going to the ring to look for Cortana.

Because the search is on for Cortana, one of the first main missions is to find a new AI companion that accompanies him for the rest of the trailer. This new companion is known as The Weapon and is also looking for Cortana as her main purpose. 

It is currently unknown how the two AI companions connect and if you will swap her for Cortana at some point in the story. However, we know that we see some of the boss enemies you will fight in the campaign, and the interesting part is that the main leader enemies will have health bars for the first time. 

We see a brute that is taken down pretty easily and an elite who has an energy shield and sword and looks quite terrifying. Lastly, the trailer ends with a glimpse of the Harbinger of Truth, who is fascinating and could end up being the game’s main antagonist. 

She looks like an interesting character, reminiscent of the Prophets in the past. She mentions how the Forerunners lied to us, possibly leaving the door open for some lore-defining twists ahead. We do not have to wait too much longer to learn more about the story, as Halo Infinite will launch for Xbox and PC on the same day, December 8, 2021. 


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