Halo Infinite Battle Pass Changes Could Be Coming Soon

by in General | Nov, 17th 2021

There are still a few weeks left to go until the launch of the Halo Infinite singleplayer campaign, but that has not stopped the multiplayer portion of the game from thriving ahead of time. That said, it has its fair share of issues, including the need for some Halo Infinite battle pass changes soon.

Halo Community Wants Battle Pass Changes

The community mostly agrees that the progression system in Halo Infinite needs to be changed as soon as possible due to the lack of consistency and fairness when it comes to the Halo Infinite battle pass that is currently available in the game with the launch of Season 1. 

Thankfully, this is something that developer 343 Industries is aware of and is, hopefully, looking into Halo Infinite battle pass soon. Though the multiplayer portion is still new this week, 343 is already looking ahead to what fans are saying about the game and what can be done to address those problems. 

This is seen directly in a recent tweet from the Halo community director at 343 Industries, Brian Jarrard, who posted about the issue recently. Jarrard mentioned to players that the team is grateful for everyone who has already jumped into the game thus far and checked out the multiplayer beta. 

To this end, the studio is currently looking into the various feedback that the community is giving for the current state of the multiplayer beta, including the data gathered. As part of this, one particular section of the game was noted as something the team is working on.

343 Is Looking Into the Halo Infinite Battle Pass Feedback

Jarrard made it clear that the team is looking at the Halo Infinite battle pass feedback that has been given thus far since the launch of the multiplayer beta a couple of days ago. This has been quite controversial in the community as many are not happy with the current state of the progression system. 

Thankfully, the community director at 343 noted that the studio is currently looking, specifically, at the battle pass progression system and the data gathered so far about it. There is no update about specific Halo Infinite battle pass changes, but updates regarding the system will be shared when the developer has them. 

In the meantime, players are encouraged to share their feedback about the Halo Infinite battle pass progression systems and other parts of the multiplayer beta. Furthermore, the community director shared some follow-up tweets for what to do if you have any bugs or serious issues hindering gameplay. 

While this news is simply revealing that 343 is looking into some possible Halo Infinite battle pass changes right now, it is reassuring that the team is devoted to making changes to the game and listening to the player feedback rather quickly, too. 

Season 1 Battle Pass Is in a Problematic Place

Much of the discourse surrounding the Halo Infinite battle pass so far has been that progression for it can be agonizingly slow right now. Unlike other games with battle passes integrated into them, including other FPS titles, the battle pass is solely configured around challenges.

Every day, players have missions to complete in the Halo Infinite battle pass for Season 1. They range from doing certain objectives to getting eliminations in certain ways and so on. Once you have completed a mission, you will start to progress through the pass and earn more than 100 free and paid rewards. 

The problem arises from the fact that you can only progress through the tiers of the battle pass by completing these missions right now. Unfortunately, this is different from other games where missions will be supplemental ways of progression, in addition to just playing the game. 

That is not the case in Halo Infinite right now, though. For example, you could go into a free-for-all match, get first-place in it, and not see the battle pass do anything at all if you had no missions that were tied to the actions you accomplished in that match. 

That is a pretty serious problem with progression and one that other games do not have, making it even more confusing and frustrating for some players. It does not help that some players already spent real-world currency on the paid battle pass version to find out that this is how progression works. 

Was This Method Used to Delay Until Season 2?

There is the possibility that this could be tied into the Season 1 extension that was recently announced this week to ensure that players are unable to get all of the rewards too soon and then have nothing to do progression-wise for the next several months.

However, that can be mitigated by making sure that players are only able to get a certain amount of experience from just playing the game daily and a certain amount from missions, for instance. This could reward players for just playing the game but keep it to a minimal level. 

In all honesty, though, the best choice, in my opinion, would be to do what the other games are doing and not necessarily limit someone’s experience. If someone wants to grind out the battle pass that fast, that is their choice, but it is one that we highly recommend is done safely, with moderation, and within reason. 

Hopefully, we will find out more about some major Halo Infinite battle pass changes soon. With the full launch of the game happening on December 8, that would be a great time to release some changes that make the game more appealing to everyone, including the then existing players and the new ones. 


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