Halo Infinite Already Has A Problem With Hackers, Dr Disrespect Concerned

by in General | Nov, 29th 2021

Hackers are already blatantly going to work in Halo Infinite, and it’s leaving a sour taste in people’s mouths. Far and wide, it’s being praised as an incredible competitive multiplayer, but there are some very real fears in the air. Halo Infinite might be the new hotness, but if hackers ruin it like they do Warzone, the chance of it falling off before the full game even launches is real. There are people right now calling for crossplay to be disabled, it’s so bad. That way, at least the Xbox players could play in relative peace. In particular, Dr Disrespect has spoken about the possibility of hackusations coming to Halo Infinite. He’s rightly worried too – Halo Infinite is awesome.

We Want Halo Infinite To Be Free of Hackusations

Cheaters are going to be in every game, let’s be honest. But we’ve seen no end to people cheating with complete disregard for the feelings of others or even their own accounts. Wicked Good Gaming shared a clip of one of the Halo Infinite hackers. They did point out that it seemed to lead to a ban in-game as well as on Twitch, which is a positive. That still shows we have a pretty serious problem on our hands. So what did the Two-Time say on Twitter about the hackers in Halo Infinite?


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