H1ghSky1’s Diss Track: High Sky, Low Drop

by in General | Jun, 24th 2019

Don’t feel like you’ve got enough cringe in your esports news today? Don’t worry, H1ghSky1 has got you covered.

The controversial twelve-year-old, quiet for most of the drama involving FaZe, Tfue, and himself, has finally come out to respond in the most surprising manner: a diss track. Partnering with “famed” Youtuber Logan Paul, H1ghsky1 created the video to “lighten up the mood” after how toxic the controversy surrounding him and FaZe had gotten.

If that really was his goal, I’m going to have to give him an F unfortunately, because this track is definitely going to stir up more trouble.

H1ghSky1’s Diss Track – A Lyrical Nightmare

H1ghSky1 starts the diss track calling out Tfue for revealing his underaged signing to FaZe, noting he only played along with the lie to follow what he loves doing. He then proceeds to say that, while Tfue is considered the best player in the world, he wouldn’t be where he was if it wasn’t for FaZe, and the org has no place in it for “liars”.

Probably most shocking of all in the lyrics are closer to the end when he mentions that he’s seen, “Corinna at Logan [Paul’s] house,” basically accusing Tfue’s girlfriend of cheating on him. If you wanted to make someone really upset with you, that’s the way to do it.

The video as a whole is incredibly cringey, and will definitely be something H1ghsky1 looks back at in a few years with utter shame for making. Hopefully, no one he meets in high school sees this, because they’ll never let him live it down.

What’s Tfue To Do?

The worst part of the whole thing is where it’s put Tfue. This kid just said his girlfriend is cheating on him, and mocks him for the whole controversy with FaZe and himself. Yet what can Tfue do: he’s 21, he can’t just make a response to the kid, he’ll look terrible in the public light.

His best option is to just roll with it and take the laughs at his expense, with the hope that it eventually just turns into a mocking of the video itself. Right now, though, his silence is probably for the best.

If you want to see the video yourself, you can find it here.


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