Gunsmith and Shipment 1944 Are Here in Call of Duty Mobile Season 9

by in Call of Duty Mobile | Aug, 10th 2020

Activision has finally revealed the first official details regarding what the upcoming Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 will have. In a thread on Reddit about the upcoming update, many changes, bugs, and new additions detailed before it launches soon.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 Is One of the Best Seasons Yet

One of the most surprising parts of the Season 9 update is that Activision itself is touting this upcoming ninth season as one of the biggest and best seasons yet for the mobile Call of Duty game. This certainly puts the pressure for this season to be an amazing one.

And it is without a doubt, that some players have been burned by the last couple of seasons in Call of Duty Mobile that wasn’t too great. We hope Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 can live up to the pressure and expectations that the community has for it right now.

But there is certainly some good news for players with this season. It will introduce not only the standard new map and so on, but it is fundamentally changing some of the major gameplay features in the game since its launch last year.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 Release Date

This begs the question of when we will see Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 and its changes? Unfortunately, the release date for the new season on Android and iOS is unknown at the time of writing this post. All we know is that it is coming this week after being delayed slightly.

It was originally supposed to release over the weekend, when the eighth season was scheduled to end. But here we are in a new week and the eighth season is still here. That is likely because of issues the team has suddenly run into when trying to implement the new patch.

Despite these sudden issues, players won’t have to wait longer than a week to see the new season drop. The Reddit thread makes it clear that the upcoming ninth season will begin this week some time. It could be in the middle of the week, or it could be this weekend. We’ll have to wait and see.

We already know most of the changes, additions, and more added to the mobile game when Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 releases. Let’s go ahead and look at all of the major changes this season, starting with the highly anticipated Gunsmith feature.

What’s New: Gunsmith

When it comes to what’s new in Season 9, one of the most important parts is the heavily teased Gunsmith feature. This isn’t news to us. Activision has made it clear that this new game-changing feature is coming. We have already seen it in action.

Suppose you got into the beta testing for this season online or saw some of the videos posted by the testers. In that case, you will likely already have a general idea of what the Gunsmith system is all about. This is where you can customize your weapons to your heart’s content.

This feature has appeared in the Call of Duty series before, but only in two games: Black Ops 3 and the most recent Modern Warfare. But now it comes to Call of Duty Mobile and will shape that game considerably. It is a place where you can freely customize your guns.

Perhaps you have a few favorite guns and what to see what it is like to explore the different optics, attachments, and so on that you can equip for that particular weapon. With the Gunsmith system, you can do that and get a feel for what you want to use in your loadouts online.

At the end of the day, though, you aren’t just using the Gunsmith to play around and tinker with weapons. You can take that customized weapon and add it to your loadout for use in the online multiplayer matches.

General Changes

With the release of the Gunsmith feature in Season 9, some general changes are coming to help with it. There are massive changes to how weapons and their categories will work this season, but it will benefit all players.

The base weapons of a particular category now unlock by grinding across the different systems. They are also part of the newly revamped player level rewards and Gunsmith missions. You will also be able to get them through the free Season 9 battle pass.

And you will also get them by owning or unlocking any variant of a particular gun like the uncommon, rare, epic, and/or legendary. Every one of the base weapons will have a series of camo skins that you can unlock through grinding.

As for the legendary and epic weapons, they are now known as blueprints, which will be familiar to Modern Warfare and Call of Duty Warzone players. These blueprints are premade weapons with a unique design or use and used regardless of weapon level.

Meanwhile, all weapon variants of lower rarities other than epic or legendary will now be camo skins that you can use on the base weapon. Also, there are new customization options for your guns like reticles, charms, and stickers that you can apply to them.

New and Extended Events

Players can use new and improved weapons from the Gunsmith in the new and extended events this season. There will be new limited-time events to participate in this season, but also some extended ones as well.

Given that this season has slightly delayed, the existing seasonal events from Season 8 are still here and extended accordingly. Capture the Flag is still around, letting players enjoy the classic mode of taking the enemy’s flag and bringing back to your base.

Sticks and Stones is still here as well, along with the Highrise Only playlist and Gulag. The Juggernaut mode is still here, giving players the chance to take the suit for a spin and take out several other players in a free-for-all style match.

And lastly, the Days of Summer and Katana Kill events are still here. If you haven’t unlocked the new Katana Operator skill, this is your last chance to do so for free in the mobile game. But two new events will arrive in Season 9 as well.

The first is the Last Refuge event. This one is a login event where players will get free content in the game just for logging in and playing during Season 9. Players can experience cards for boosts, hints at what’s to come in this new season, and more.

And there is also the Now or Never event right now where players can unlock the Nuclear Fallout epic knife, more weapon experience cards, and more. These events won’t stick around forever, so be sure to unlock the sweet rewards while you still can.

Weapon and Other Changes

With the Gunsmith feature release, the way you progress with weapons has changed forever. Weapons will now have a base type, like the M4, Type 25, and so on. These base weapon types will have a specific weapon XP system attached to it.

You will level up the specific base weapon from now on and not just the specific variant of the weapon you have. This streamlines everything and makes it a lot simpler for players overall. So, for veteran players, how does this affect the weapon variants you already have?

Your base weapon level for that gun will be whatever is the highest level of the variants you already have. If your highest M4 variant level is eight, for instance, then your base level now will be eight for all M4 guns. The weapon level cap now varies per gun to 50, and some even go beyond that level.

Every single level that you achieve for a weapon type will grant you a new attachment that you can then use in the Gunsmith and so on to add that customized weapon to your loadout. To help with this, multiplayer now has 10 loadout slots to allow for better customizing.

On the battle royale side of things, players will now get loadouts here and have five to start out with. You will be able to bring in these loadout weapons through the airdrops found across the map. To counter this, you will no longer find attachments on the map.

But you will find weapons of different rarities that will already have attachments on them ready to go.

Shipment 1944 Is Here

In terms of brand new offerings, online multiplayer players will have a new map to discover. Shipment 1944 is a tiny map compared to most other standard multiplayer ones. In this case, Activision already notes in all honesty that you will either love it or hate it.

This is because Shipment 1944 is one of those maps where you won’t have to go far to find your enemies. You can find and start shooting at your enemies within only two seconds of spawning into the match. It is rather crazy compared to even some of the other small maps.

This will create a map that is nothing but chaos and action at all times, emphasizing the close combat play style. If you are someone who likes to take it slower or longer-ranged, Shipment might not be for you. However, it will help everyone in one way.

If you are trying to complete challenges, missions, and grinding, Shipment 1944 might be the best place to try this. If you are trying to level up a specific weapon, for instance, equip it and come to this map. You can use it over and over with no problem quickly.

Feedback and Bug Reports

In terms of feedback, Activision is actively investigating one main area regarding battle royale movement. Some community players have noted that movement in battle royale matches isn’t as good as the standard multiplayer modes.

If you do not like the movement in battle royale, be sure to let the developers know. This could lead to changes in the future. And there are a few fixes addressed in the Season 9 update as a result of the community’s feedback.

The first is regarding the desync-related issues that some players had, which the upcoming update will fix. Hopefully, all of the desync issues, but it could leave room for some. Those players who are still affected by this after the update should reach out and let Activision know.

As for the several issues that players have with the new Katana skill, the update should fix most of them. These include the field of view problems, the forced third-person view, and being unable to go prone or roll after using the Operator skill.

As a final tease for Call of Duty Mobile Season 9, we now know about a new weapon category (like SMG, assault rifles) this season. We guess a DMR, marksman rifle category that bridges the gap between an assault rifle and a sniper rifle.

For more on what’s coming in Call of Duty Mobile Season 9, check out the full Reddit thread for more details, changes, etc. You can also find the community highlights and what other players have to say about what is coming soon to Android and iOS.


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