Guilty Gear Strive Reveals List of Available Modes

by in Fighting Game News | Jan, 25th 2021

Guilty Gear Strive is the next iteration of the hit Guilty Gear franchise by Arc System Works. Guilty Gear Strive has officially offered up the list of offline and online modes that will ship with the game, as well as a gorgeous new trailer, which you can check things out in right here. There will be far more offline modes compared to online, but that’s okay. We need to have Player Matches and a reliable, working Online Lobby. That’s what matters. But what can we expect in the next gorgeous GG release?

Offline and Online Options

I may be perenially bad at Guilty Gear, but I love the game anyway. So when I got a list of the offline and online modes in Guilty Gear Strive, I was immediately excited. So, here’s what we can look forward to. Of course, there’s going to be a Story Mode. It has the current developments in the Guilty Gear saga, and it takes place in the USA. Sol Badguy’s story of triumph and tragedy comes to a climax in this title. If you need to catch up on the Guilty Gear story, you can do so right here, courtesy of Arc System Works.

Not all of Guilty Gear Strive’s modes will be playable. Gallery Mode is where you can look at excellent character illustrations, design specs, and model sheets. Trailers, music, art, and other tidbits from earlier games can also be found here. As a visually stunning fighter, this will be interesting to peek at, if nothing else. Hopefully, it’s not going to require endless grinding to get this content. 

GG World is where the “Timeline” of Guilty Gear can be seen. If you want a quick look over the series’s history and events, you can find it here. There’s also a “Glossary” for player profiles and story setting descriptions. Finally, GG World has a “Correlation Map” to show the relationships and connections between the characters. Here we have plenty of context for the lore of the game. It’s just as deep and confusing as BlazBlue, we’re sure.

As far as Online Modes for Guilty Gear Strive, Online Lobby is up first. Players can do battle with others around the world and have fully customizable avatars. For those players who keep winning on the Online Lobby’s top floor, there’s the “Celestial Floor” to show the top of the tops. There’s also a new feature, “Quick Start.” This lets players jump from the menu to the standby screen to wait for the next match they can compete in.

But what about the people that want a lobby of lots of players? You and nine players can come together in a single room for Player Match. You can customize the options in various ways to make sure the experience is what the players are after. On top of that, Rollback Netcode is confirmed, and it’s my preferred Netcode personally. I’m very excited for Guilty Gear Strive and all of its modes, but I see nothing about Training Mode, Challenges, things like that. Hopefully, those are tacked into the Story Mode or GG World. 


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