Guilty Gear Reveals Faust at Frosty Faustings XII

by in Fighting Game News | Jan, 20th 2020

Frosty Faustings XII went down in Illinois this weekend, with a ton of fighting game tournaments taking place. ArcSystem Works was there was well in full force, with a serious announcement. Guilty Gear Strive had a brand-new teaser, which revealed the next character: Dr. Faust!

The wackiest, most unorthodox Guilty Gear character is going to be joining the cast of the 2020 fighting game, Guilty Gear Strive! We also heard that there would be more trailers on the way in March 2020. Certain tournaments in the coming months will have these teasers, such as the Brussels Challenge and Final Round.

Those begin on March 20th, so we probably won’t have too much longer before we see what’s in store. How appropriate is that Faust was at Frosty Faustings? It’s practically his event!

Who Is Faust?

Faust, known formerly as Dr. Baldhead, is a Doctor. He stays true to those principles, despite having gone insane, and gone sane again. However, it appears that Faust is starting to lose it once again, judging by his super moves in the latest teaser.

Faust is trying to atone for his murderous ways, and is doing so through… well, violence in Guilty Gear. Look, we never said fighting games always have to make sense. In the original Guilty Gear, Testament is hosting a tournament, and Dr. Baldhead is released from prison and is now known as Faust.

Hence, the serial killer known as Dr. Baldhead is never seen again. Instead, there’s a terrifyingly tall man known only as Faust. He wears a bag over his head, a’la Spider-Man (when he used the spare Fantastic Four costume).

Faust wields a gigantic scalpel and can bounce on it, as well as tear rifts in space and time somehow. He makes perhaps the least sense out of any of the Guilty Gear characters, in terms of kit except maybe Bedman, who is a man strapped to a large bed.

The Frosty Faustings Trailer

Faust looks even more insane in this trailer. His scrubs look battered and dirty, and he still wears the same ol’ bag it looks like.

The Guilty Gear Strive Faust trailer shows what Faust can do in capable hands in this latest trailer.

He looks like he is straight out of prison, and his move set doesn’t feel the same as the last ones.

Someone pointed out to me that it looks like his attack animations were slowed down for the trailer to show off exactly what he looks like and what he can do. This may not be the case, and Faust maybe that slow in-game.

Another thing we noticed is that Faust seems to have way more juggle potential. This might be the way this new combo system shapes up in Guilty Gear Strive. In Guilty Gear Strive, Faust’s normals look like they have knock-up properties. That will mean Faust can probably jump-cancel into ridiculous air combos.

From his ridiculous tornado attacks to somehow summoning a row of scarecrow Fausts, Guilty Gear Strive’s doctor looks far less mentally balanced. Whether he’s balanced in-game is another matter entirely.

He can still devour people and open up rifts in reality, so fans of the older iterations of Faust will no doubt love this one. I personally really enjoyed playing Faust. I have always been a casual GG player because I’m not especially good at how fast-paced it is.

I don’t know how good Faust will be, but he seems like he’s going to have a lot of promise. With his ludicrous kit, he was the perfect character to reveal next to show off the combo system. We also got his awesome theme (presumably), and once again, I’m reminded of just how amazing the music for Guilty Gear is.

Final Thoughts

It’s also important to note that for people at EVO Japan, there will be a demo available to try. That will take place on January 24th, and again at Japan Amusement Expo on February 8th. I have a feeling Faust will be playable there, as well as other fun surprises.

The final real interesting thing was . . . well, the afros. Sol Badguy and other characters had, for lack of a better word, titanic afros. I assume this means we’re going to see character customization in Guilty Gear Strive, which is always excellent. Before this, I only remember alternate character color palettes. Those are fine, but skins/customization is always a fun time.

That is, as long as it’s not stupid lootboxes. So, Dr. Faust is officially revealed for Guilty Gear Strive. So far, I haven’t seen any of his friends or foes. He’s not a fan of I-No but seems to be more aligned with people like Zappa (who he cured), and Venom (who he fights alongside, at least temporarily). No one can truly understand Faust, but we’d sure like to.


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