Guilded Reimagines Esports Competitions With All-In-One Tournament Product

by in General | Jun, 30th 2020

Guilded is a new gaming platform and touts itself as the ultimate chat platform for gaming communities. A Discord or Zoom-style product, but aimed specifically at gaming, there’s a lot to like about this all-in-one tournament product. The idea that we could run gaming/esports tournaments in a more efficient, easier way is appealing.

Making Esports Easier

Guilded has a new tournament feature, which is in early access, for Guilded Gold members and partners. It will launch for all communities, however, in the fall. If you want to apply for access, click here. Especially right now in the COVID-19 esports era, we need easy access to running tournaments. It’s still not safe to meet up in large groups, no matter what certain orange-faced gremlins might say.

“For the first time ever, we’re fully integrating esports tournaments with their communities and the tools they use to chat every day, unlocking massive potential for organizers to grow their fanbases,” said Eli Brown, founder and CEO of Guilded. “We’re building the world’s esports infrastructure on Guilded, and unifying chat and tournament software is the first step.”

Currently, Guilded partners with the Corporate Esports Association. We recently interviewed their founder and CEO Brad Tenenholtz. They were the first to run tournaments on the platform. The CEA has run dozens of tournaments on the platform ahead of the early access launch, which has been thoroughly tested.

The early access period will invite more esports organizations, competitive gamers, and fans to try it out for themselves, and offer feedback on how it could be improved ahead of the full launch.

“Guilded’s new tournament product goes beyond anything else on the market,” Tenenholtz said. “Housing all of our tournaments under one roof has allowed us to provide a much better competitive experience for our teams as well as our tournament organizers.”

Guilded’s esports tournament platform is more than chat. They will have a wide set of tools to help organizers manage the events. Making custom bracket types, event calenders, advanced stat tracking, are all available here on Guilded. I love the idea behind this platform, even if I don’t run tournaments myself. Now, I could do something like that if I wanted!

It will also have the power to let organizers directly communicate with their community and update and interact with them directly during and outside of active tournaments. A fan interface allows community members to track their favorite teams, view matchups, connect and chat with other fans, plan for upcoming matches, and more.

So frankly, Guilded’s esports tournament platform sounds amazing. But it can’t grow and improve without the input of people that are going to utilize it for tournaments. So if you’re in that bracket, go check it out! Want to see it in action? Just check out their YouTube trailer!


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